On campus Students’ Co-op (U of MN) grand reopening | seeking new members

by Maxeem
Housing For Rent + Shared
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Since 1940 the Students’ Cooperative has been an intentional community house, owned and maintained by its residents. Are you interested in co-operative, intentional living? We are seeking the next generation to continue the Students’ Co-operative.


  • Incredible central location on the U of MN Twin Cities Campus
  • 32 Member capacity with at least 75% students (or educational institution staff!)
  • 12 double rooms, 5 single rooms, 1 triple room
  • Dues of $500 to $800 per month (includes the only $50 utilities charge, because we co-operatively pay for utilities!)
  • Shared industrial Kitchen with shared freezer and fridge spaces
  • Three bathrooms. One freshly ADA compliant bathroom on the ground floor!
  • Free in-building laundry
  • Wonderful front yard, many options like gardening or composting
  • Vehicle parking available for $90 per month
  • Free indoor bike parking
  • Make community decisions together!
    • For example, we frequently arrange an optional (but highly desirable) Meal Plan for $200 per month per person, in which we buy organic co-op groceries in bulk, and save a ton on healthy food!

Sound like the place you want to live? Want a tour?

Apply here: https://studentscoop.org/pre-app-readme/

$100 off one month’s dues when you refer a friend who becomes a member and stays a member for at least 30 days. You can use this promotion up to 15 times (for discount up to $1500!)