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Looking for a more engaged, more real way of living.

by Corey Melker
Community Seekers
Northwest/Western United States

I am seeking community. I am seeking tribe. I have lived within the constraints of city life, and I have been left with a thirst for community that i have yet to satiate and quench. I am seeking something more… Something that I can be a part of, something that can be a part of me. I seek to work to sustain a lifestyle based less on what one has, and more on the people that surround me. I seek to help build that which can sustain. Frankly, I am seeking a different way of living, one in which I absolutely know exists, and one that is absolutely filled with magic and awe.

I have been struck by lightning. I have danced with the flames. I have danced upon black sand beaches under the full moon, and I have howled from the mountain tops in the unrelenting sun. I have been humbled in the presence of the redwood elders, and my soul has been set ablaze with the infinite wonders of our natural landscapes.

I am a writer, a dreamer, and a fierce advocate of the natural world and all things wild.

I long for a place where I belong, a place where I can work as hard as I ever have to help build community that matters. I have done some of the most physically difficult work imaginable, and am not afraid to work hard to help reach my goals.

I eat clean and try to be as plant-based as possible. During fire season, I tend to allow dairy as otherwise I would not be able to get enough calories. Never meat. It’s not me. I do not mind others that consume it, but it simply is not for me. I want to work at growing food for myself and the others around me.

I want to have as little impact on the planet as possible, all while striving to be the most impactful that I possibly can be. I want to make a difference and I seek others that also desire to make a difference.

Mountains. Music. Mushrooms. Marijuana. Magic. I love dancing around a fire in the rain. I love dancing in the rain period. The rhythms of the earth keep the beat to my soul, the rivers of the land quench my thirst, the stars guide my path, and the sky sees all. I am wolf and the wolf is me.

Currently looking for options in the northwest and western United States, but open to possibilities.