A community with over 15 years of experience, Open to new members, NH

by Leah Vaillant
Communities with Openings
Colebrook, New Hampshire, United States

A Community with over 15 years of experience, Open to new members

Fifteen years ago, a group of people from an Intentional Community in Quebec, Canada called La Cite Ecologique, decided to start a sister community in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Today, La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is a thriving community with three growing businesses, 315 acres of land, a 4-acre organic garden, a cooperative homeschooling program and, has over 30 permanent members spread through 3 generations.


Almost 35 years ago, after an amazing, life-changing summer camp, kids convinced their parents to start a community so they could live the summer camp year around. In 1984, 30 families and 15 individuals from different professional backgrounds set course for a new adventure. Throughout the years, the Ecovillage started its own organic garden, school, companies and acquired 750 acres of land. In 2003, the community started another Ecovillage in New Hampshire.


Today, La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire has a strong foundation and social fabric. After spending many years getting off the ground, we are finally ready to welcome new energetic and passionate people who are looking for a better future for our children.

Introducing the Immersion Program

For that reason, we created an immersion program called “WeJourney” that allows individuals and families to fully experience living and learn in our ecovillage for a whole year. The program will be sponsored by La Cite Ecologique’s members, so the individual or family will have the opportunity to focus entirely on their integration.

Overview of “WeJourney”

The interested participant(s) must first subscribe to our bi-monthly community living newsletters. That way, they will receive information on the key aspects of living in a community, have information about the upcoming webinars where they can ask their questions about our community in general and about “WeJourney”, as well as receive the registration form.

The individual or family needs to send in their application form by April 15th, 2020, along with a short video where they introduce themselves and why they want to live at La Cite for a year.

Once La Cite has reviewed their request, the individual or family will have the chance to visit the ecovillage for an extended weekend in April or May 2020.

The prospective (s) are welcomed to extend their stay for up to one week. Once they have visited, if all parties find that they are a great fit, the individual or family can start their one-year trial during the summer of 2020.

Overview of the Trial Year

During their trial year, the participant(s) will work on projects for the community, will help with the school program and in some of the community’s services. All kids will be registered in our cooperative homeschooling and summer program and will be provided the same opportunities as the kids living at La Cite.

If you want more information about the WeJourney Immersion program, visit our website by clicking here.