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Help Build Sustainable Home at The Retreat Farm and Learning Center, NM

by Margo
Jobs + Opportunities

Come to work in some of the last pristine wilderness in the Southwest! Help us build a uniquely designed, octagonal, solar house from the ground up!  Take a relaxed approach to work that allows plenty of time to slow down and partake in healthy, intentional, conscious living.

We are an intentional community living on 160 acres in New Mexico’s largest National Forest with a wild river running through it. Our land already has its own hand engineered hydroelectric plant, a spring fed potable water system and extensive water rights.

Take a break from your normal life and leave the city grind behind. Sleep under the stars – no rent, no food expenses, no hectic work schedule, no pollution, traffic or noise.

The new house foundation is underway! Join us and your compensation will include free room and board plus supplies such as personal care items, laundry facilities, first aid etc… We require a minimum 2 week commitment. With a one month or longer commitment, we’ll provide an outfitter tent to reside in, plus a monthly stipend.

We think you will love living here and exploring this incredible “high desert“ environment, especially the towering box canyon cliffs, the magical spaces inside the arroyos and the multi-colored rock formations that the southwest is famous for. Apaches once roamed our riverbanks, ridges, woodlands and bluffs as did mountain men, pioneer women and outlaws.You might even spot a beaver or coatimundi on your way to the job site or see an elk and a javelina later the same day!

Contact Margo Fried, Manager of The Retreat Farm and Learning Center. We prefer email requests at [email protected]

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