Greek Village Cohousing

by Pare Lynn Gerou
Forming Communities

We are a group actively developing Greece’s first authentic multigenerational cohousing community.

Who we are: Multinational and experienced with cohousing and with living in Greece

We are from multiple nations, several of us have significant experience living in cohousing, and other members are Greek or have significant experience living in Greece.


Where we are:  Property search stage

Multiple members are now in Greece or have traveled to Greece, and we are actively searching for just the right spot amidst the sea and mountains.  Our goals is to have property chosen within the next 2-5 months and for our members to be ready to provide 10% of their home price seed capital for the initial option.  We are looking both at land to build new homes as well as already built communities to repurpose, remodel, and expand to capture best practices cohousing design.


Our Vision:

Our community prioritizes traditional cohousing values and design as articulated in Charles Durret and Katie McCamant seminal book on Cohousing.  We envision our community within nature, close to the sea and mountains but relatively convenient to amenities.  Our community aesthetic will be cohousing design utilizing traditional local stone and mirroring nature and the nearby village architecture.  We plan generous common gardens and are considering the costs of property with an olive grove, citrus grove, or vineyard for a farm-to-table culture.  We envision shared cooking and several weekly shared meals in our Common House and outdoor kitchen using fresh produce from these gardens.


We are committed to property and spending choices supporting multiple generations- we wish our common land to provide a safe haven for children to play free of cars, we plan for a Common House with a generous study library for remote workers, and we seek to provide several residences and a Common House with aging in place features.  If expenses then allow, we would like to include photovoltaic cells, water harvesting, and other features enabling us to live lightly on the land.  We envision generous shared outdoor spaces for an active life lived outdoors, and we look forward to community celebrations, music and folks dancing, swimming and kayaking, and hiking and exploring all that Greece has to offer.  We envision our multinational community as a bridge to integration with the wider Greek community.


Who we seek to join us:  Those who value community and want to relocate their primary residence to Greece.

Our home prices and floorplans will likely appeal primarily to those seeking strong community and middle income housing rather than those seeking high end luxury or low cost housing.  Our non-European members will utilize one of several permanent residency options: the “financially independent visa,” the investor visa, the remote worker or digital nomad visa, or the most popular and most frequently used property ownership visa, the Greek Golden Visa.  The later is Europe’s lowest cost permanent residency through property ownership program, providing permanent and all of its benefits for the entire family for a purchase of a property totaling €250,000 or more.  Europeans, especially Greeks, will also be able to buy less expensive smaller units roughly between €170,000 and €250,000.  Greek banks do not generally provide mortgages.


What to do if interested:

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Email our Outreach Coordinator: [email protected]


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