Ganas Community in New York City seeks Carpenter

by Catherine Fitz
Staten Island, NY

Ganas is looking for a community minded person to join our maintenance team and help maintain our 8 adjacent old houses and 4 commercial properties in our neighborhood

The main skill we’re looking for is carpentry including finish carpentry. Other skills involved in our constant variety of jobs include drywall, tiling, masonry repairs, small concrete projects, siding repairs, painting. We’re looking for someone with skills in these areas, has attention to detail, can see a project through in consultation with the area supervisor who is available to plan, problem solve, and obtain supplies. Having a strong back is essential and being comfortable on ladders a plus.

Living at Ganas you will not make tons of money, and if that’s what you want or need this is probably not the place for you.

What you can have at Ganas is the satisfaction that you are working for the people you live with. You see how your work matters and improves life for yourself and your community mates. You can also have flexibility to take advantage of the many opportunities in NYC. You get to move around, work with some independence or team up, and if you like to work with your hands there’s never a shortage of things needing to be done. There are constant opportunities to learn and to teach.

If you think this might be a fit for you, email Catherine at [email protected] with some information about your background, your skills, your current situation and why a live/work community interests you.