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Experience week in Los Portales, Spain, November 2019

by losportales
Community Forming
Castilblanco de los Arroyos, Spain
A guided immersion in the life of the community Los Portales, founded in 1984
During this week, you will become part of a dynamic, diverse, multi-generational and multicultural group. You will get to know the essential values ​​of the community, participate in our daily activities, experience a feeling of connectedness with each other, with nature and with life itself, and explore being at the service of the changes that the planet needs.
Located in the heart of nature, LOS PORTALES offers:
✽ A framework for personal and group transformation and change through dream work, deep listening, meditation, introspection, mutual support and connection with nature.
✽ A safe environment in which to develop interpersonal skills, experience the enriching effect of our differences, and learn to transform conflicts.
✽ An example of a sustainable and regenerative settlement; an inspiration to those that want to move towards less polluting, more equitable, solutions- and welfare-oriented ways of life.
✽ An opportunity to live now a taste of what we all dream of for the future.
During the experience week you will have the chance to:
  • Learn about life at Los Portales including:
    • The history of the community
    • The decision-making and governance structure
    • The micro-businesses and the economic structure
    • Renewable energy
    • How to build/sustain community
    • Nutrition and healthy food preparation
    • Medicinal herbs and natural cosmetics
    • Permaculture and organic growing
    • Bread and cheese making
  • Help out in one of our different work areas, such as organic gardens, kitchens, home care, maintenance, giving you an opportunity to interact with community members and experience being at the service of something bigger.
  • Be part of a personal and group process of self-knowledge and transformation using tools such as: dream work, deep listening, conflict facilitation (process work, forum, relationship and group work) and meditation.
  • Participate in a diverse range of workshops offered by members of the community for example: biodanza, theatre, voice, yoga, pilates.
  • Access private treatments from some of the resident therapists including massage, reflexology, reiki, crystal therapy, EMF balancing technique.
  • Be part of our regular Saturday celebration night with special dinner, music and dancing, and our Sunday morning group singing and meditation sessions.
Through your experience week with us you will learn that sustainability requires building regenerative, transformative and resilient structures; and that community begins in the heart of each one of us: only by increasing our personal harmony we will radiate more harmony towards the human and natural ecosystems of which we form part.
Watch a short film of our first experience week in December 2017:
Activities conducted in Spanish with English and French translation available.
Residents of the Iberian peninsula and countries with less resources:
  • Early birds (registration till 24 October included): 385€
  • Full price (starting October 25): 480€.
International price:
  • Early birds (registration till 24 October included): 520€
  • Full price (starting October 25): 650€
contact: Neus – [email protected]

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