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Creating a successful organic, permaculture, off grid, self sufficient, vegan…community

by Jann
Forming Communities
El Mundo
We hope you are having a positive and affirming day of life.
After exploring happily  and living for some years within Australia, Canada, Thailand, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador,
the U.K., the united slaves and other countries.
Experientially exploring different cultures, subcultures, areas, etc…
and learning of yet,
other areas of other countries
which naturally have the qualities we are looking for
where we would chose to live…
We are ready to unite with others and co create our living educational community.
I currently live in the upper Patagonia of Argentina,
during the last year,
after a year of living in El Bolsón.
Amanda is presently in British Columbia.
The C Virus has kept us apart for some months.
Our relationship to one another is stronger then ever.
Our clarity within ourselves and together is clearer then ever in what we are creating for ourselves and to share with one another.
For me, its been clear for many years.
We are interested in collaborating with other deeply,
like-minded (is how some people articulate it…)
who we are interested in befriending are…
who how they actually live their lives
and who they are, within themselves
are in sync
with who we each are
and how we live our lives…
Finding people who,
what is most important to them within their lives,
for themselves,
are in sync with is most important to each of us
within our lives
and who we are.
we will have differences,
not in what is most vitally important
to us
and to them…
or, with minor exceptions
Co-creating and living in community.
– by our own personally clarified definition
firstly, within ourselves
and then discussed  –
of what living in community together would be,
in details,
with one another.
For a healthy, successful and lasting relationship
 we obviously must be…
for a lack of better phrase,
definitely, on the same pages.
As for the specific location…
Undecided as of this moment.
We are exploring
We are open!
In where I have lived and traveled so far,
I have most enjoyed living my life…
so far,
in the Hobart, Tasmania, Australia area.
within the Slocan Valley, British Columbia area.
Parts of Denmark and…
 a little of who I am,
my skills, experiences, insights, etc
and what I obviously value living in my life
and integral within a community
I grew up from my birth
playing and working,
professionally and personally
submerged within:
(including but not limited to)
Eco housing design and construction,
food forests,
organic gardens,
appropriate technology,
y more
including, teaching some of these and other areas of permaculture.
(including but not limited to)
Owning/operating my own successful,
hugely diverse
ethnobotancally (edible, medicinal and utilitarian plants)
greenhouses y nursery business.
Designing, implementing and caring for large and small scale organic gardens for others.
Managing retail produce and medicinal herbal depts
in large organic food stores for many years.
and  much much much more.
Self-sufficiency:   Largely diverse
Health and Natural Healing:
Medicinal Herbalist,
(12 kinds of) Massage therapist,
Counselor (Gestalt y ….)
Teaching some of the above,
as well as,
(which I begun meditation,
when I was 8 years old),
Chi Gong, 5 rythems / ecstatic dance and more.
Vegan /  Liberation of Animals and Nature
(40 +years, so far)
Montessori Education
upbringing and strongly influences
my approach to teaching/guiding others.
Indigenous Living skills
(or, as others call them, survival skills)
Exploring, practicing and teaching numerous skills.
I started out with plant identification, preparation and uses.
Wildlife and domesticate animals rescue and rehailitation
in various areas of the world.
Direct Action Now social and political activism.
My own ethnobotanical research:
edible, medicinal and utilitaririan uses.
Being a multi-instrumentalist,
and enjoy other self-expressions,
be it experimental theatre, story telling and dance
Self exploration and discovery through self expression (as I call a workshop of mine).
and other closely interrelated ways of living life in balance.
Living my own interweaving of these
and teaching / guiding others
in many aspects of these,
including, within Permaculture, Organic and Natural Health …
A lot of experiences, skills and insights to share
within a successful community,
continuing to within my own businesses…
I have absolutely no acceptance nor tolerance of dogmas:
…be it speciesism, (reverse) sexism, racism, nationalism/patriotism,
civilizationism, homophobia,
religious nor political dogmas.
Amanda is happy to share her own list of experience, skills, insights, manners of living her life
in a letter in correspondance with you.
I will also go into further detail about our mutual vision
of an educational community.
We would appreciate learning about who you are,
y whats most important to you within your life.
Feel free to contact us directly.
You can also contact me through:
WIRE / Telegram: 56 9 9297 8038
Email and…
Zoom: [email protected]
Skype: Loving Life
(with photos of my two beloved dogs)
Love life with passion …
Jann Verschur and Amanda Stone