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Couple seeking organic community in Oregon or Washington

by DaVortex
Seeking Community
We prefer to be near a university in Oregon. So, Corvallis, Eugene, Portland, or a couple of hours commute on public transportation from those places would be preferable.

We are earth stewards, healthy lifestyle-rs, survivors of calamities, bilingual *Spanish/English), well traveled, well-educated, and creative Americans over 50. We have some money to invest in land/ building. Carl has skills in Carpentry, welding, solar energy systems, computer drafting, herbal medicine, teaching, piano, English, electronics, and photo-journalism. He has also invented several improved devices for clean-green technology. Sarah has skills in environmental education, language teaching, cooking, gardening, and elder care.

We are currently traveling in South America and will be in USA by Jan. 2020. Meanwhile there is skype and email.

Our goal in community is to transform and transcend the standard cultural structure of buyer-seller relationships. The bottom line is ethical: meeting needs because they are needs, not for profit.  We believe that permaculture, some income sharing, community health care, and job creation are important principles of sustainable community. For this reason, alternative health care, using herbs that we grow instead of medicines made by giant corporations are a critical component that we seek. Also, having a spiritual grounding is important to us. We don’t want to live with atheists or anarchists.

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