Convert a boarding school outside Portland into coliving/cohousing with onsite makerspace, farm, classrooms, artists, other amenities and facilities.

by Clarence "Sparr" Risher
Forming Communities
Laurelwood, Oregon, USA

Hi! My name is Sparr and I’m the founder of CoDwell. We are a project aimed at buying a large improved rural property with existing residential and functional facilities, on enough land to farm and engage in outdoor recreation, to form a large scale coliving/cohousing community. I say coliving/cohousing because the goal is to combine the shared passions and focus of typical coliving environments with the somewhat to completely segregated groups of private living quarters and distinct intentions of cohousing. Our current target property was a boarding school, more recently an Ananda retreat, 35 minutes west of Portland, Oregon, with 130 dorm rooms, 30 bedrooms split across two houses and a few apartments in the dorms, 130ksqft of functional space including shops, classrooms, offices, and a theater, all on 200 acres with a stream and spring. We are considering splitting the dorms by floor or wing into their own “houses”, and also looking into welcoming a small eco-village onto some of the empty land.

We are looking for individuals who might want to join us as part of one of our currently planned “pods”/houses, which include makers and builders, artists and arts organizers, and community gardeners and environmentalists. We are looking for individuals or existing groups that might want to organize or be the seed of additional pods based on some focus or theme that you have in mind that would be mutually beneficial to the larger group. And we are looking for investors to help us purchase the property and get this idea off the ground, both small to medium investment through crowd investing at as well as large scale direct investment negotiated more personally.

If any of that sounds like you, read more about our plans on our website or our Facebook page, reply here with any questions you might have, or reach out at [email protected].