Community Supported Community

by iuval
Forming Communities
Rogersville, TN, USA

Seeking members for an interdependent community where the well-being of members and the land (88 acres) is primary.

The global economy offers comfort and convenience, but at the cost of foregoing intimate bonds between people and nature. We have hope in novel economic ideas about how to restore these intimate bonds.

Currently, we have some smaller primitive structures, and plan to build earth ships and similar self-sustaining structures with volunteer labor and partially free/recycled materials. There is the potential for 300 more adjoining acres in pasture, gardens and woods if need be.

The ideal culture will be a balance between family (which could be non-nuclear) and community; spirituality and economics; masculine and feminine; heart and brain. The current bylaws layout an idea of how to achieve this, generalizing the concept of Community supported Agriculture and closing the loops:

We welcome you to join us in creating a joyful transition to the world we envision.