Come and Join Itaxah Village Intentional Community near the Caribbean in Belize Central America

by Chris Woods & Wendy Carter
Communities with Openings
Corozal Town, Belize

Leave the rat race and enjoy a slower, healthier pace of life in Belize Central America. We are seeking approximately 30 like-minded socially conscious investors for our 20-acre intentional faith and health oriented altruistic community located between Corozal Town and Consejo Shores 1 mile from the Caribbean Sea in the northern part of Belize Central America. Belize is just a 3 hour flight from Miami or Houston and is English speaking.

About Belize

Located along the eastern coast of Central America on the Caribbean Sea, Belize is a unique blend of pristine nature, diverse geography and endless adventure. Roughly the size of Massachusetts, this relatively small country with only 419,199 residents is only 176 miles long and 88 miles wide and boasts rainforest–covered mountains, hundreds of cayes (islands, pronounced keys) and the largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere. With over 40% of Belize’s land mass enjoying some level of “protected area” status, these diverse natural areas, lush with flora and fauna, form the basis of Belize’s strong appeal.

It’s no wonder, then, why Belize was part of the Mayan empire, and later colonized by the British. Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize became independent in 1981, however, it remains a part of the British Commonwealth. It’s these ties to Great Britain that make Belize an easy destination for visitors to enjoy. English is the national language and Belizean currency is tied to the U.S. dollar–exchanging at a steady 2–to–1 rate.

About Corozal District

Corozal Town is located 88 miles N of Belize City; 31 miles N of Orange Walk Town and S of the Mexican border. Corozal is a sleepy seaside town in the Corozal District, located just south of the Río Hondo (Hondo River), which forms the border between Mexico and Belize. Set on a crystal-clear bay, Corozal was an important center on the early Mayan trading routes, and the evidence remains in the ruins of Cerros and Santa Rita, and the old English Fort Barley. During the mid-1800s the modern town was settled with a large population of refugees from Mexico’s Caste War.

Itaxah Village is located between Corozal Town and Consejo Shores about 20 minutes from town and about 1 mile from the Caribbean Sea. 

Itaxah Mission Statement

We seek to create a self-sustaining sanctuary where people can live a holistic life designing and building our own homes, growing our own food, raising our own livestock and connecting to nature and God for spiritual, emotional and physical well being. Our mission is also to welcome people of all faiths and be inclusive and to be altruistic in nature.

Itaxah Vision

We envision a secure, family friendly intentional community of kind people of all ages, abilities and faith systems who want to step away from the insanity of the world , reconnect with themselves, their neighbors, mother nature and God and impact those around them in a positive way and live a healthy balanced life.

We hope to attract international innovative thinkers, world changers, and altruistic and socially conscious investors who want to live intentionally and sustainably in community and have a positive impact on each other and the Belizean people.

Core Values

All faiths are welcome as long as you are pursuing an intentional relationship with God and respectful of all beliefs.

We value organic, natural food direct from farm to table. We also provide communal space and activities to enhance your physical, spiritual and emotional well being. Communal meals are a regular practice for our community 

We aspire regularly express kindness, joy, love, faith. We are intentional in our outreach and partnership with our extended community sharing our gifts and talents with the international and local community

We embrace comedy, fun, music, dance and we value creative expression and we encourage the sharing of gifts and talents with the community and offer outdoor performance and community spaces to facilitate that as well as community center with multipurpose room.

Safety and Security
We strive to create a safe and secure environment physically, emotionally and spiritually. We respect an individuals right to own licensed firearms, secure their property, and we strive to create a safe space for spiritual development and emotional well being. 

We follow the laws of the country of Belize and strive to let our yes be yes and our no be no. We understand there are differences in culture in regards to things like timeliness and efficiency but regardless of the stresses of living in a foreign country we will be a law abiding community with integrity always striving to express our core values even in the midst of challenges.

We welcome formal applications for visitors both short term and long term and we strive to integrate visitors into our community. We encourage all potential investors to come and stay awhile with us first to see if Itaxah Village is right for you.

How It Works

We are offering 30 lots for sale (1+ acres to .33 acres) to carefully vetted applicants who aspire to our mission and vision and are brave enough to step out in faith and start a new life in another country. 

Ideal Candidates Might Include:

  • People with the gift of hospitality to invest and set up guest house  facilities where people can come and stay short or long term and try out our community.
  • Innovative Architects with Off Grid Vision (traditional services are available but we encourage off grid)
  • Digital Nomads, Artists, Chiropractors, Musicians, Theologians, Doctors, Nurses, Massage Therapists, Assisted Living Specialists, Engineers, Landscapers, Organic Farmers, Teachers, Community Outreach Specialists and anyone in the healthcare, arts, investment communities. 
  • Differently abled and individuals of all ages welcome. We strive to be inclusive. 

Please note, we strive to create a safe, welcoming inclusive community but living in intentional community can be challenging so please no extremists and you must be able to show love to all faiths and people of diverse background, race, ethnicity, age and ability.

Communal Area at Itaxah Village Will Include:

  • Tennis/Pickleball/Volleyball/Basketball Court
  • Community Center with Multipurpose Space
  • Swimming Pool
  • Community Garden
  • Community Orchard
  • Nature Trails
  • Spiritual and Meditation Spaces
  • Beach Access 1 mile away

The communal area will be secure and have direct access from your property

Benefits of Being Part of Itaxah Village 

  • Own Your Lot (1+ acre to .33 acres)
  • Moderate monthly maintenance fee or community service exchange
  • High Speed Digital Cable
  • 1 Mile from Beach Access to the Caribbean
  • Registered and licensed businesses are allowed
  • Short term/AIR BNB licensed by Belize Tourism Board is allowed. 
  • Business Services from business plans to registration to licensing to start up and even managing your business or property while you are away can be made available upon request.
  • Guidance and Assistance getting licensing, work permits and permanent residency is available upon request
  • Working as a Digital Nomad is allowed under Vacation Where You Work Program so no work permit is required for you.
  • Qualified Retirement Program is available for those interested which has many interesting benefits
  • Life-changing opportunity to intentionally create a new life in a new country and engage in healthy habits, spiritual growth, achieve emotional  balance and make a difference in the lives of others right near the Caribbean Sea in Corozal District, Belize Central America

BIO for Chris Wood

Founding member Chris Woods’ natural athleticism led to his early successes, as well as his early injuries, on football fields across Virginia.  His intensive physical education as both a player and a patient was pivotal in developing his parallel interests of sports and healing.  

The United States NAVY S.E.A.L. program recognized his intellectual and physical gifts, but a shoulder dislocation during his aquatic training earned him an honorable discharge from service. After recovering, he devoted his “spare time” working at First Tee mentoring, and teaching inner city kids how to golf.   His own game improved considerably when he invented the Aquaclub* to rehabilitate himself to play golf left-handed, (which is how he met co-founder Wendy Carter).  Chris has continued his education by studying massage, acupuncture, nutrition, and how to make food your medicine.  He is discovering the joys of Belize, and growing his own food.  

Chris is developing a recovery and rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug abuse, and his mentorship has already made a huge difference in the lives of many locals and expats.  He has continued to mentor kids by assisting with Wendy’s Smarts in Arts program, and together they are changing the world around them.  Itaxah Village is the manifestation of decades of dreaming of a healthier way of life and he looks forward to seeing his orchards and community continue to grow.  

BIO for Wendy Carter

Founding Member Wendy Carter grew up dancing in waters across the country as a nationally competitive synchronized swimmer.    Her godmother, a renowned physical therapist, was one of her first coaches who taught her the mechanics of the human body both in the water, and in her offices where Wendy worked part time, and rehabilitated her own athletic injuries. 

She transitioned her passion for music and dance to land when she performed in several musical theatre productions around the United States.  Her growing talents as an actor took her to The Russian American Theatre Company in St. Petersburg Russia, an MFA from the DePaul Theatre School/ Goodman School of Drama, and eventually to Los Angeles to save the world in bad Sci-Fi movies. 

Wendy returned to Virginia to care for her terminally ill father, where started a kids synchronized swim team and joined an internationally competitive masters team and  became a gold medalist many times over. She earned a living as an actor, substitute teacher,  an adjunct professor at the business school of VCU, and as a public speaker with Fellowship of Christian Athletes among other organizations.  

A lifetime of reading great literature like The Diary of Anne Frank, 1984, and Atlas Shrugged gave her an inkling of the direction of the increasing chaos of the world.   Upon meeting Chris Wood, researching his vision of an intentional community in Belize, (and falling in love with him), she agreed to leave the America she had loved, and leap towards a different dream.  

Wendy is excited to be a real Caribbean mermaid, and use her multiple gifts at Itaxah Village aquatic healing community.  She started Smarts In Arts using kids karaoke, dance, art, and landscaping to teach reading, math,  science, and Bible studies.  She and Chris are Certified Emergency Response Team so that they can be better neighbors in their new home.  Watching Itaxah Village grow has been a joy, and Wendy is looking forward to sharing it’s sparkling waters with like minded adventures for whom the siren song calls.  


For more information contact:

Chris Wood
+501-635-8565 on Telegram/Whatsapp (free app for your phone)

Wendy Carter
+501-624-5678 on Whatsapp/Telegram (free app for your phone)

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