Black Mountain Refuge: a wild placemaking & restoration retreat

by Ben
Real Estate For Sale
Siskiyou County, CA

Looking to catalyze bioregional living? Ready to apply yourself to regenerative placemaking and land stewardship in the midst of an epic river restoration effort? Are you seeking a strikingly beautiful and storied setting away from the crowds to make an urgent commitment to planetary health, culture repair, and inner/outer rewilding? Take this as an invitation to connect and explore!!

The property described here is ready for well-suited new owners or investors to carry forward with a vision for inclusive refuge, timeless beauty, and resilient habitat. It has been carefully selected and prepared for open-ended eco-social development and enhancement to accommodate multiple uses and holistic aims. Extensive site-specific knowledge and documentation are available to swiftly orient new stakeholders.

A bit more context: the property sits just under 3000′ elevation on a prominent rise with awesome expansive views over miles of the Klamath River canyon and Siskiyou crest, in a secluded and private setting that is readily accessible year round just a few minutes off of the I-5 freeway corridor between Ashland, Oregon and Mount Shasta, CA. Subdivided in 4 legal parcels in a rural residential zone, there is potential for multiple dwellings plus ADUs and utility structures, and abundant natural building material to work with. It is not well suited to commercial agriculture or livestock – but will support wildcraft/foraging and strategic plantings. It is a diverse open oak savannah biome, returning to balance through the use of low intensity fire.

The property itself was chosen as a working demonstration and practice site for habitat enhancement in conjunction with appropriate low impact development and human presence, primarily as a wilderness retreat and seasonal residence in keeping with longstanding traditional occupation and stewardship by indigenous Shasta people. The area is undergoing significant and rapid change with a massive restoration project on the river seeing the removal of three large dams this year, sparking international attention and interest as a promising test case for large scale ecological recovery.

Following a phase of intensive effort, observation, and refinement on the ground, it’s time to call in support and new leadership that can evolve and sustain this place as a unique asset and inspiring example in the region for years to come. The alternatives that I (sole owner) am now considering are summarized below. If one of these appeals to you, do reach out to discuss soon! Visits or virtual tour can be arranged.

Sale: purchase the 65 acre property and improvements (includes tiny house and garage/workshop) outright, for around $300k

Invest: provide a collateralized impact loan of $50-100K to help sustain the project over a 1-3 year reorganization period while viable long term plans and stakeholders are resolved.

Share: become part-owner in the project with a more or less active role in developing and utilizing the site under common vision and strategy (subject to mutual inquiry and vetting)

Build: co-produce an aesthetic efficient model eco-home on the property as a demonstration and leverage point for further investment and phased development.

Several ways this could all go, and it will mean finding alignment rather swiftly. A preliminary convo should help clarify possibilities and precautions, including review of relevant examples and experience. This is not an entry level community/conservation project, the outcomes and implications for the region are significant – which means wider support and enthusiasm can be mustered as well! Hope you’ll play a part.