Best of Communities: X. Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation

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Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation

When people talk about “back to the land” communities, it conjures up images of extensive gardens, wood burning stoves, and homegrown entertainment. While homestead living can be more arduous and less adventurous than many novices understand, much is being learned about local resilience in the crucible of community.

Food is both sustenance and social lubricant. Managing your own woodlot warms you thrice (cutting, splitting, and burning). Community experiments with solar panels, wind turbines, car co-ops, and inviting the neighbors over for dinner instead of going to town offer three-dimensional models of how to get your energy budget under your control despite upward spiraling gas prices.

The 15 articles in this Sustainable Food, Energy, and Transportation bundle offers inspiration and practical advice about what it takes to meet your basic needs close to home.

This issue includes:

1. Peak Oil & Community Food Security: How organized neighborhoods and small towns are ensuring their future food supply by  Ethan Genauer, #130
2. Celebrating the Food Revolution!
by Alyson Ewald, #135
3. Food, Glorious Food! by Stan Hildebrand, #135
4. Where There Are Cooks,There’s Good Morale by Ma’ikwe Ludwig, #121
5. Food Security in Community by
Blake Cothron, #144
6. Hugelkultur on the Prairie, or Learning from Our Mistakes by Alyson Ewald, #153
7. Permaculture on Low to No Budget by Elizabeth Barrette, #153
8. The Sharing Gardens by Llyn Peabody, #153
9. The Haybox Cooker: Why Every Community Needs One by Chris Roth, #115

10. Community Survival During the Coming Energy Decline by Jan Steinman and Diana Leafe Christian, #130
11. Off the Grid and Out of the Trash Can Arjuna da Silva, #156
12. Findhorn’s Incredible Shrinking Footprint by Jonathan Dawson, #143
13. Sharing and Climate Change: A Human-Sized Answer to a Global Problem
by Bucket Von Harmony, #143
14. Cars and Rabbits by Alline Anderson, #143
15. Car-Reduced and Car-Free Rural Communities by Greg Ramsey, #147

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