Best of Communities VI – Agreements, Conflict, and Communication

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Are you experiencing conflict in your community? This book includes 15 of the best articles from Communities magazine about how to work with conflict as a pathway to connection and communicating our way toward success. This is an essential resource for any intentional community ready to dig in deep.


Best of Communities Magazine

Communities magazine is the leading publication for all topics related to intentional community. From the broad-stroked overviews to the intimate details, this quarterly publication covers it all. With so much content to explore, we’ve distilled it into a single compilation!

Volume VI – Agreements, Conflict, and Communication

Are you experiencing conflict in your community? You are certainly not alone. For many of us conflict is scary, and we bring that fear into our community lives. Many groups mistakenly think that the frequency of conflict is a barometer of community health, but it isn’t. The litmus test is how you handle conflict; not how much you have.

In this book you’ll find articles about:

  • working constructively with distress and conflict
  • using emotional processing as a pathway toward connect
  • developing agreements and communication skills that are hallmarks of mature, healthy groups.

You will recognize authors leading the intentional community movement, representing cutting-edge thinking and how-to explorations of the social, ecological, and economic aspects of sustainable living.

Volume VI includes the following articles:

  1. Trust, Connection, and Clear Agreements (including Wild Sage Cohousing’s Conflict Resolution Process, Shari Leach) Diana Leafe Christian, #128
  2. When Some of Us Don’t Support an Existing Agreement by Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub,Tree Bressen, Caroline Estes, Karl Steyaert, #134
  3. Problem Solving in Community: How a Group Addresses Issues Says a Lot about Its Cohesion . . . and Vice Versa by Laird Schaub, #146
  4. How Collaboration Falls Short:With Hints About How to Help It Go Long by Laird Schaub, #144
  5. Conflict,Terrorism & Humility: The Cooperator’s Response Laird Schaub, #113
  6. “Truth” or Consequences: Defining Tough Love for Groups Laird Schaub, #132
  7. Once More With Feeling: Conflict as an Opportunity for Harnessing Emotional Energy by Laird Sandhill, Directory 2000
  8. Working on Your Issues with Someone (Whether or Not They Join In) by Tree Bressen, #124
  9. Nonviolent Communication: Transforming Conflict and Enhancing Connection by Miki Kashtan, #104
  10. AAA for the Heart: Sometimes You Need a Map to Navigate Emotional Territory by Laird Schaub, #117
  11. The Tao of Speaking & Listening Scott Shuker, #104
  12. But Seriously Folks…When to Take a Joke and When to Give One by Laird Schaub, #113
  13. Living ‘Naka-Ima’ at Lost Valley Larry Kaplowitz, #104
  14. Using Email for Community-Wide Conversations? A Few Words of Caution . . . by Laird Schaub, #125
  15. “No, It’s Not a Cult”: Relating to Your Family When You Live in Community by Mariana Caplan, #96

Best of Communities BundleYou can have ALL the BEST

Volume VI is part of a 15-volume compilation of the Best of Communities magazine. The set includes over 200 articles about intentional communities from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Purchase the entire set and save!




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