Starter Guide to Intentional Communities (ebook)


Are you just learning about intentional communities and looking for an overview? This free starter guide will introduce you to the movement of residential co-creation and cooperation. We’re so happy you’ve joined us!


Starter Guide to Intentional Communities

Welcome to world of intentional communities (IC)! If you’re just getting started, you’ve come to the right place.

In this free starter guide, you will learn about an exciting movement where people choose to co-create and live in residential communities based on shared values and cooperative culture.

Ready to get started? Download now and you will learn…

  • What an IC is, and what it is not
  • The most common types of IC’s
  • Interesting facts about IC’s from around the globe
  • How to begin the journey, both visiting IC’s or starting one yourself

We’re excited to join you on your community journey. 

Learn more about the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) and check out our bookstore.


Deep Dive Your Learning!

We regularly host 2-hour webinars and 5-week courses. We offer courses on the basics such as finding the right community or starting one yourself. And we dig into the details with courses and events on topics like decision-making, safety, and diversity. Explore all the options at our events and courses pages.




Find Intentional Communities Near You

We host a free, online directory of over 1,000 intentional communities worldwide. Take a look at our map and zoom into any part of the world to find intentional communities located there. Or, use the Advanced Search to explore communities by details like decision-making process or dietary restrictions.



The Starter Guide to IC’s was written and designed by Cynthia Tina.
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