Sociocracy Essentials

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Explore what sociocracy is all about with these essential & introductory booklets on the governance system everyone has been talking about.


Sociocracy Essentials:

Guides to Introduce you to Sociocracy, Facilitation, and Circle Roles

What is this buzz about sociocracy – the dynamic, decentralized governance system for groups, organizations and communities? Get started on your journey with the Sociocracy Essentials booklets, available as individual booklets or as a bundle. All books are available only in paperback.

Sociocracy: A Brief Introduction is a short introduction of the main tools and processes of sociocracy. As a 74-page essentials booklet, it is perfect as a refresher or a first overview of consent-based, decentralized decision-making and governance. Light and easy to read, this booklet shows consent decision-making, circles, roles, linking, selections, feedback processes and co-creative processes all in one booklet ready to embark on a journey of inclusive governance.


Facilitating Meetings in Sociocracy is a brief overview of the essentials of sociocracy for meeting facilitation. As a 72-page booklet, it includes meeting preparation, meeting format and tricks to keep meetings on track. Includes the essential processes for meetings and templates.


Guide for Serving in Circle Roles includes an overview of the responsibilities of each circle role with tips to help you succeed. Leaders, secretaries, delegates and facilitators will appreciate learning what makes their role easier and more productive. As a 72-page essentials booklet, this is a perfect, easy-to-read guide that goes straight to the essential information.


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Are you a visual learner? Take the Sociocracy for Communities course!

In this 10-hour, pre-recorded course you can work at your own pace and in your own setting.
Sociocracy for All founders and authors Ted Rau and Jerry Koch-Gonzalez are your course instructors. They will cover how to optimize group listening, divide decision-making authority into meaningful chunks, and empower people to act with clarity.
During this Sociocracy for Communities course, you’ll learn how to implement sociocracy correctly, with adaptations for your community’s specific needs.

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