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The People’s Creative Toolkit


The People’s Creative Toolkit is a guide for creating effective, visual strategies for delivering your creative, powerful message to a correct target audience.

From the introduction of the People’s Creative Toolkit:

“Your story has to be told, and a lot of people have to listen. But how do you tell your story to get them to listen? And who is “them,” anyway? These are questions we have to address with every important story, every labor campaign, every grassroots effort to change the way we work and live for the better. And the solutions are different every time. However, there are creative and strategic tools that can help take those solutions from conversation to reality.”

Rogue Citizen

The People’s Creative Toolkit is presented by the Arts & Democracy, and created by artist collective Rogue Citizen with Line Break Media through a campaign for the Service Employees International Union Local 26 in Minneapolis, MN.

Available for free in both English and Spanish. A download this guide will be sent to your email once you add to your cart and checkout.



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