25 Enterprises that Build Resilience (Ebook)


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REconomy, a project of Transition US, offers this free report on “25 Enterprises that Build Resilience.”

This report includes 25 examples of enterprises within the US that build community wealth and resilience, are committed to appropriate localization and resource use, and serve a mission greater than profit. The report includes a description of each enterprise, a check-list to self-assess if you’re on the right track, and resources for “jump-starting” your own project.

“We believe it is both possible and necessary to build a just, regenerative economy that enhances ecological stewardship and quality of life.”


“REconomy is a model for creating local, low-carbon economies that foster and support community resilience in the face of economic instability, resource scarcity, and climate change.

REconomy equips Transition leaders to convene local economic stakeholders to design, map, and implement a new economic vision, identifying opportunities to cultivate local, low carbon businesses and supply chains to meet community needs, reducing the community’s carbon footprint and keeping wealth in the community.”

Also available by Transition US:
The Transition Handbook, electronic version
The Essential Guide to Doing Transition, available in English and Spanish

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