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Complete Set of Back Issues of Communities Magazine

Starting From $50.00

Complete Set of Back Issues of Communities Magazine

The complete set is a total of 183+ magazines, including about 100 original print issues, plus access to all issues in high quality digital format. Your set, in both print and digital, will include every issue of Communities magazine, from 1972 to the present.

Bonus: also includes Communitas, the pre-cursor to the magazine, issues #1 & #2, in both print and digital.

The print issues will be mailed to you, and the digital issues will be made available for download through your ic.org account.

Digital access only is just $50! Did you know a perk to starting your Individual FIC Membership is digital access to all Communities magazine back issues? If you are not yet a member, consider offering your $50 through a membership and still receive the digital back issue set. Start here. 


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