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Communities Magazine #184 (Fall 2019) – The Shadow Side of Cooperation

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The Shadow Side of Cooperation

A natural follow-up to our Summer 2019 Sexual Politics issue, Communities #184 (Fall 2019) focuses on The Shadow Side of Cooperation.

We explore problems and pitfalls, disappointments and betrayals, unintended outcomes of cooperative attempts ranging in impact from trivial to tragic.

Authors’ stories describe the clash of idealism with reality, communication breakdowns, cultural patterning, internalized oppression, rights and boundary violations, founder’s syndrome, business and organizational struggles, power, ego, disempowerment, dysfunction, trauma, and strategies to address these and other challenges.

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Articles in “The Shadow Side of Cooperation”

  • Publisher’s Note: Facing the Hard Things By Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor: Exploring the Shadow Side By Chris Roth
  • The Shadow Side of Community By Laura Matsue
  • Community Communication By Blake Wilson
  • Village-Building Stumbles: A few of the things Earthaven Ecovillage has gotten wrong By Lee Warren
  • The Expert By Joan McVilly
  • What Rights Do Non-Members Have in Community? By Anonymous
  • Entrepreneurship and Long-Term Planning in an Income-Sharing Community: A Report from the Frontlines By Sumner Nichols
  • Founder’s Syndrome By Graham Ellis
  • Challenges of Self-Organization at Chambalabamba By Mofwoofoo (Tom Osher)
  • Missed Opportunity at the Goat Ranch By Philip Mirkin
  • In the Shadow of the Guru By Geoffrey Huckabay
  • Whatever Happened to the Renaissance Community? By Daniel Brown
  • Loneliness in Community By Mick Vogt
  • Raising Troubled Children in Cohousing By Alicia J. George
  • Culture Change or Same Old Society? Consensus, Sociocracy, and White Supremacy Culture By Joe Cole, Hope Horton, and Maria Pini
  • Conflict Resolution and Satisfaction in Today’s Intentional Communities By Zach Rubin, Yana Ludwig, and Don Willis
  • On Community: A Graduated Series of Consequences and the “Community Eye” By Diana Leafe Christian
  • Review: Communes in America, 1975-2000 By Deborah Altus
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: Efficiency vs. Humanity By Dan Schultz

Online Only

  • Do Communities Need Feminist Dissent? By LK (Article available at
  • The Red Flag of Hypocrisy By Peter McGugan  (Article available at
  • Does Community Heal Trauma, or Reproduce It?: Challenges for abuse survivors living in community By Matt Stannard (Article available at

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