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Communities Magazine #182 (Spring 2019) – Community Land

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Community Land

Just as access to land depends on community in some form, community often depends on and derives its vitality from a group’s relationship to land.

Communities issue #182, Spring 2019, Community Land, highlights the interdependence of our selves, our human communities, and the lands which steward (and are stewarded by) our presence. 

This issue shares stories about how intentional community projects can gain access to land. It asks provocative questions about land, people, privilege, and the obstacles that prevent communities (particularly disadvantaged communities) from reconnecting to land―and offers inspiring stories of overcoming those barriers to achieve more equity and sustainability. Please join us!

To purchase a print copy of this issue, contact Communities new home at GEN-US.

Articles in “Community Land”

  • Publisher’s Note: Land in a Sustainable and Just Society by Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor: Connecting Land and Community by Chris Roth
  • Black Land Matters: An Interview with Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm by Sky Blue; transcribed/edited by Dana Belanger and Chris Roth
  • Review: Farming While Black by Ira Wallace
  • Land Speaking through the People: The Great Work of Our Times by Cassandra Ferrera
  • The Dilemmas of Being a Benefactor: Creating a Community Land Trust by Carolyn North
  • Cross-Class Cooperation and Land Access by Yana Ludwig
  • How We Came to Inherit a Salmon Stream by Kirsten Rohde
  • Growing Together through Trauma, with the Land by Tracy Matfin
  • Community, Land, Self: We’re Part of the Same Elephant by Chris Roth
  • What Can We Learn from the Amish? by Michael McClellan
  • Dear Yurt, You’re Not in Mongolia Anymore: An Ancient Traditional Structure Plays a Role in a Community’s Succession by Laura McLeod and Meredith Rush-Inglis
  • Community Land without Grants and Debt: Funding Ecovillage Neighborhoods with Community Shareholders by Olivia R. Williams, Ph.D.
  • Preparing the Ground for an Innovative Farm Community—Orange County, New York by Jack Hornickel, Jim Oldham, and Johanna Rosen
  • Collaborative Mapping in Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve by Dr. Adrian Cooper
  • Recipe for a Fruitful Meal-Share by Rachel Lyons
  • Mental Health Lessons from the Garden by Craig Chalquist
  • On Community: Your Community and the Law by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Review: Many Voices One Song: Shared Power with Sociocracy by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Honoring Starhawk: 2019 Kozeny Communitarian Award Recipient by Laird Schaub
  • (Online Only) Seeking Brigadoon: A Community of Dance-Campers Finds a Permanent Homeplace by Paul Freundlich

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