21 Stories of Transition (Ebook)


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21 Stories of Transition: How a Movement of Communities is Coming Together to Reimagine and Rebuild Our World

Harvested by Rob Hopkins

From the Transition Network and the same folks that offer The Transition Handbook and 25 Enterprises that Build Resilience, this book is the Transition movement’s contribution to COP21 (the 21st ‘Conference of the Parties’), the United Nations’ climate change negotiations in Paris in December 2015.

“21 Stories” is a compilation of community stories presented to TransitionNetwork.org that demonstrate communities who have “stepped up” from all around the world.

Transition is a movement that has now spread around the world in which towns, and cities re-imagine and recreate how to revitalize their communities for a more resilient and independent future.

Go to the website of Transition US to see what communities are part of the Transition initiative.

From the book’s introduction:

“We offer these 21 stories in the hope that regardless of decisions taken by world leaders, at COP21 and subsequently, they will inspire you to step up too. We hope also that this powerful and heady taste of what is bubbling up from the ground will enthuse decision-makers with new courage, new ideas and new possibilities.”

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