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The Essential Guide to Doing Transition


The Essential Guide for Doing Transition

From the Transition Network and the same folks that offer The Transition Handbook and 25 Enterprises that Build Resilience, “this guide will give you everything you need to know to start Transition in your community and outlines the processes and activities needed to make it a success.” The Essential Guide for Doing Transition is available in English and Spanish.

Transition is a movement that has now spread around the world in which towns, and cities re-imagine and recreate how to revitalize their communities for a more resilient and independent future.

Go to the website of Transition US to see what communities are part of the Transition initiative.


The Essential Guide for Doing Transition is interactive, clear, and engaging. It will walk you through the basic understanding of the Transition movement, the principles, and the essential ingredients for doing Transition while taking each “ingredient” a step deeper. Consider your vision, how you will get involved in the community, what groups you will partner with, and when it is time to celebrate. The guide also encourages you to regularly stop and reflect and to assess whether the group is functioning healthfully.

Take the first guided tour towards Transitioning your town!

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