Communities Magazine #157 (Winter 2012) – Endings and Beginnings

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 Endings And Beginnings

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  • Publisher’s Note: Forty Candles and Counting by Laird Schaub
  • Notes from the Editor: Endings and Beginnings by Chris Roth
  • CROSSING OVER THE THRESHOLD: Transitioning the Windward Community to the Next Generation – An older generation learns to let go as a younger generation steps forward. by Lindsay Hagamen
  • Fear of Change in Long-Term Intentional Communities and Ecovillages by Coyote Alberto Ruz
  • A Crucible by Understanding Israel
  • THE HERMITAGE NOW AND TO COME – Two community founders recognize that it’s time to hand over the reins and move on. by Johannes Zinzendorf
  • The Adventure of Starting Over by Kim Scheidt
  • GRATITUDE, LOSS, REBIRTH, AND COMMUNITY – Endings and beginnings grow from one another and make personal and group renewal possible. by Chris Roth
  • Clearing Out to Begin Once Again by Dianne Brause
  • THE BOOKENDS OF COMMUNITY – Marking endings and beginnings with ritual can add intentionality, understanding, and connection to our lives. by Elizabeth Barrette
  • Honoring Life Transitions by Cameron Withey
  • COMMUNITY FOR A MINUTE: Discovering Nature, Self, and Group at Sixth-Grade Camp – Children in outdoor programs face—and often overcome—three major obstacles to learning and growth. by Heather M. Barnes
  • Transitioning into the Heart of Community by Tara Pettit
  • JOURNEYING ON THE ARK: One Woman’s Experience at L’Arche – Questioning her community’s philosophy and practices, a live-in caregiver ends her involvement there in order to focus on greater self-expression and self-care. by Janna Payne
  • GREENING YOUR ’HOOD – Kibbutzes, ecovillages, cohousing communities, and pocket neighborhoods offer us opportunities to make a new start. by David Leach
  • NEW BEGINNINGS AT OAKLEIGH MEADOW COHOUSING – A forming cohousing group experiences its share of bumps, but comes together to move forward. by Pat Bryan
  • Grief and Growth: Six Babies’ First Year and Peter’s Last by Fiona Patterson
  • When Do We Begin to Flourish in Senior Cohousing? by Margaret Critchlow and Andrew Moore
  • Thinking Flexibly About Consensus by Tim Hartnett, Ph.D.
  • How the “N Street Consensus by Method” Helps N Street Cohousing Thrive by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Review—The Sharing Solution by Deborah Altus
  • Review—East Hill Farm: Seasons with Allen Ginsberg by Michael Brickler
  • REVIEW: CYCLING TOWARD SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY: Within Reach – After 6,500 miles of pedaling and 100 community visits, a couple documents the promise of intentional community and cooperative living. by Chris Roth


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