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Communities Magazine #148 (Fall 2010) – Power and Empowerment

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Power and Empowerment

Balancing Powers: Leadership and Followship in Community — More Perspectives on Leadership and Followship: A Response to Elizabeth Barrette — Power and Powerlessness in Community — Power and Disempowerment on the Ecobus — Call in the Experts? — The Community that Dines Together, Aligns Together


Power and Empowerment

  • Publisher’s Note: Three Essential Agreements of Effective Groups by Laird Schaub
  • COOPERATIVE GROUP SOLUTIONS: CALL IN THE EXPERTS? by Laird Schaub, Beatrice Briggs, Tree Bressen
  • Thoughts on Power by Chris Roth
  • Money, Power, and Process: How We Pulled the Plug on Consensus by Kees Kolff
  • Power, Dysfunction, Community Breakdown, and Vision at EcoInstitute: A Document from the Struggle by Troy Bell
  • Dancing with Discomfort: Thoughts on Empowerment from a Reluctantly Powerful Person by Kristina Jansen
  • The Awesome Power of the Non-Consenting Voice by Arjuna da Silva
  • The Power of Process: How WindSong Created its Community Contribution System by Andrea Welling
  • Group Process: The Straw Poll that Broke the Camel’s Back by Laird Schaub
  • BEING “OVERTHROWN”—A CELEBRATION: Coming to Shared Power – The founder of Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage describes what it’s like to be criticized, marginalized, stripped of leadership responsibilities, and given the opportunity to explore a new role. by Jim Schenk
  • BALANCING POWERS: Leadership and Followship in Community – In a healthy community, leadership and followship are equally important roles, each with vital skill sets that can assure effective teamwork. by Elizabeth Barrette
  • MORE PERSPECTIVES ON LEADERSHIP AND FOLLOWSHIP: A Response to Elizabeth Barrette – The author identifies additional leadership skills, cautions against blind followship, and reflects on the many types of power in cooperative groups. by Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • POWER AND POWERLESSNESS IN COMMUNITY – A community member transcends a feeling of powerlessness when he inadvertently comes up with a brilliant idea about how to organize cooking groups, and others join him in implementing it. by Markus Euler
  • POWER AND DISEMPOWERMENT ON THE ECOBUS – Some saw this radical environmental education program as a “cult,” others as an intensely focused experience of challenge and growth. Had participants lost their individuality, or gained a new sense of self? by Chris Roth.
  • Community Challenges–Bursting the Bubble: The Challenges of Progressive Community Living in the Rural South by Doug Alderson
  • Community Journeys–Ad Astra per Aspera: Through Adversity to the Stars–A Community Member’s Passage to India and Back by Chelsea Cooley
  • Creating Community Where You Are–Moon Valley: A Community on the Horizon? by Bob Glotzbach
  • Forming Community–Affording a New Community: a Story of Persistence by Merry Hall


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