Communities Magazine #147 (Summer 2010) – Education for Sustainability

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Education for Sustainability

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  • LIVE AND LEARN: O.U.R. Ecovillage Builds Learning Community – The residents of an eco-oriented, education-focused intentional community and demonstration site wear many hats, both public and private. by Elke Cole with Javan Kerby Bernakevitch
  • Teaching Hands-On Workshops in Community by Michael G. Smith
  • TO LEARN SUSTAINABILITY IS TO LEARN COMMUNITY: An Example from South Portugal – Strained by difficult economic and ecological conditions, farmers Claudio and Fernando discover new avenues toward prosperity and land restoration through alliances with a peace community dedicated to regional renewal. by Leila Dregger
  • SEEING THE GOOD IN THE WORLD: Connecting Communities and Students for Sustainability Education and Transformation – After several years teaching about community in the abstract, an anthropologist and environmental studies teacher finds that direct student engagement with intentional communities provides the spark needed for personal inspiration, connection, and the potential for social transformation. by Joshua Lockyer
  • Sustainability: Reflections from an Eco-Warrior by Bruce Davidson
  • Ecovillages and Academia by Daniel Greenberg
  • Leadership for Social Change: Living Routes in Action at Huehuecoyotl by Giovanni Ciarlo
  • Olympic-Sized Community by Satyama Dawn Lasby
  • Intentional “Colonies” and Tropical Sustainability by Jon Kohl
  • Towards a Seventh Generation by Understanding Israel, M.A. Education
  • Permaculture and Holistic Education: A Match Made in Heaven and Earth by Paul Freedman
  • HOW TO ADD ZEST TO YOUR SUSTAINABILITY EDUCATION PROGRAM – A permaculture teachers hits upon a gold mine of effective methods for enlivening her teaching—by drawing from the principles of permaculture itself. by Melanie Rios
  • Busted, Almost Bludgeoned, Possibly Broke: Hard Lessons from the Trenches
    of Sustainability Education by Lee Icterus
  • Car-Reduced and Car-Free Rural Communities by Greg Ramsey
  • Beyond Sustainability: Building for Health by Julie Genser
  • COOPERATIVE GROUP SOLUTIONS: OPEN MEETINGS: WORTH THE RISK? — Open Meetings: Worth the Risk? by Tree Bressen, Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub
  • Publisher’s Note: Afloat in Choppy Seas by Laird Schaub


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