Communities Magazine #146 (Spring 2010) – Family

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  • Family by Chris Roth
  • AN ABUNDANCE OF DADS – Four very different father figures help guide a communitarian son into adulthood, as he combines distinctive traits of each. by Skye Rios (with Melanie Rios)
  • NUDGING AT BOUNDARIES – Easing themselves in and out of each other’s houses, yards, and chicken coops, members of White Hawk Ecovillage find traditional borders becoming more porous. by Julie Boerst
  • When an Ecovillage Is Raising Your Child by Kim Scheidt
  • One Thousand Loaves of Bread: Reflections on Life Lessons in an Intentional Community by Understanding Israel, M.A. Education
  • PARENTING IN COMMUNITY: The Voyage from Fantasy to Reality – Though “baby having” had not been a consensus decision, a small community embraces a newborn, survives his infancy, and bonds like any other family: doing each other’s dishes, snuggling on the couch, and fighting over who gets a shower before the hot water runs out. by Jesika Feather
  • GROWING FAMILY IN COMMUNITY – Twelve-year-old Jibran has always lived with fuzzy boundaries between “family” and “community.” They became even fuzzier when he came home to discover his mom’s positive pee test. by Ma’ikwe Ludwig
  • Morehouse: Choosing Your Family by Judy St. John, Ilana Firestone, and Marilyn Moohr
  • SECOND FAMILY – A mother responds to empty-nest syndrome by discovering her new family in community. by Arizona Nashoba
  • Being Almost Two-Years-Old–Again by Shepherd Bliss
  • G8 by Lawrence Siskind
  • EXPLORING FAMILY – What do Hopi Indians, John Keats, lost loves, intentional community, and family have in common? For better or worse, they’ve combined to befuddle, enlighten, dismay, and inspire our author. by Chris Roth
  • FROM VISIONS OF UTOPIA TO “THE MANY FACES OF COMMUNITY” – Geoph Kozeny’s community documentary brings forth reflections on Hearthaven, discussions among neighbors and friends, and ultimately a new intergenerational family community. by Maril Crabtree
  • A Community Newcomer Finds Her Rhythm by Melanie Ravensong Martin
  • We’re All in the Family by Karbyn Eilde
  • Publisher’s Note: Problem Solving in Community by Laird Schaub
  • Cooperative Group Solutions: Family Dramas by Laird Schaub, Ina Meyer-Stoll
  • REVIEWS: TOGETHER AND APART; EDEN WITHIN EDEN – Reviews of two great books on community living, one on life in a convent with surprising insights even for the most secular, and one on the history of utopian experiments in Oregon. by Chris Roth

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