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Communities Magazine #144 (Fall 2009) – Community in Hard Times

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 Community in Hard Times

  • Publisher’s Note: How Collaboration Falls Short: With Hints About How To
    Help It Go Long by Laird Schaub
  • Cooperative Group Solutions: Avoiding Abundance’s Traps by Tree Bressen
    & Laird Schaub & Diana Leafe Christian
  • Note From The Editor: Community In Hard Times by Chris Roth
  • HARD TIMES AT ORINDA – Watching their collective fortunes decline, the members of Orinda adopt a new spirit of frugality, find that they are living more sustainably, and discover true wealth in relationships with friends and family. by Kristina Jansen
  • Building Community In Hard Times by Randa Johnson
  • Hard Times, Good Life, Community by Joan Valles
  • EMERGENCY COMMUNITY – After serving thousands of meals, a community of post-Katrina relief kitchen volunteers moves to the West Coast and acquires a mortgage, a baby, full-time jobs, and the challenges of the mundane. by Jesika Feather
  • SHARED LIVING—WHEN HOME IS A COMMUNITY – An ex-resident of Casa Caballeros reflects on the wealth she found in the realms of personal growth, shared resources, spontaneous celebration, and financial freedom even in economic downturns. by Carol Pimentel
  • HOUSEHOLDING: COMMUNAL LIVING ON A SMALL SCALE – Especially in financially uncertain times, those seeking the advantages of intentional community living can often find them within a single shared house. by Elizabeth Barrette
  • Birthing A New Order In A Chaotic World by Niánn Emerson Chase
  • THROWING IN THE FOUNDER’S TOWEL – After many years of dealing with the unique struggles inherent in starting a community, a community founder discovers her vision manifested elsewhere, and becomes a community joiner. by Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • Establishing Community In Hard Times: A Swedish Case by Robert Hall
  • Somerville Ecovillage: Culture And Creating Spaces by Vida Carlino
  • Somerville Ecovillage: Statutory Approvals And Finance by Karen Moore
  • The Transition Initiative Comes To Cohousing by Sonja Eriksson
  • Food Security In Community by Blake Cothron
  • Svanholm In Denmark Goes Carbon-Neutral by Christina Adler Jensen
  • Creating Community: Making Home by Jon Kohl
  • Cohousing Life: Cohousing For Non-Cohousers by Charlene Dicalogero
  • Community Economics: Financial Benefits Of Communal Living by Alison
  • Gardens Of Gratitude: A Two-Day Garden Party Blitz In L.A. by Ginny


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