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Communities Magazine #143 (Summer 2009) – Ecology and Community

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Ecology and Community

  • Ecology and Community by Chris Roth
  • SHARING AND CLIMATE CHANGE: A Human-Sized Answer to a Global Problem – A simple solution could drastically reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the modern citizen, and it does not require new technology or a drastic reduction in quality of life. We all learned about it in Kindergarten, and statistics from Twin Oaks prove its effectiveness. by Bucket Von Harmony
  • Revolutionary Communitarianism? by Alexis Zeigler
  • Cars and Rabbits by Alline Anderson
  • Ecovillages, How Ecological Are You? by Prudence-Elise Breton
  • Findhorn’s Incredible Shrinking Footprint by Jonathan Dawson
  • The Nature of Our Work by Stacie Whitney
  • HOW ECOLOGY LED ME TO COMMUNITY – The author recounts some of the off-beat marching orders he received from an eco-oriented “different drummer”—and how, instead of becoming a hermit, he became a communitarian. by Chris Roth
  • The Reindeer Herders of Northern Mongolia: Community, Ecology, and Spirit Matters by Marilyn Walker Ph.D.
  • In Our Community: Ecology Is for the Birds by Michael Livni
  • Ecological Building on Kibbutz Lotan
  • Water Is Life by Leila Dregger
  • ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM: Securing Your Community’s Quality of Life into the Future – With a long history of protecting the local watershed, Trillium Farm Community in southern Oregon grows not only organic food, but ecological activists. by Chant Thomas
  • Why Vegetarian?
  • Walking through the Forest by Russ Purvis
  • Community Composting: A Transformative Practice by Jason Grubb & Mason Vollmer
  • Tumblers and Sheds
  • LIGHTEN UP: A Community Energy-Reduction Experiment – Organized around common ecological values and a shared appreciation for the epic of evolution, a group of neighbors reduces its collective energy consumption by 25 percent. by Kelly Barth
  • Software, Hardware, and Ecology at Ganas by Tom Reichert with Peggy Wonder
  • Seeking an Alternative Education by Alison Cole
  • Balancing Outer and Inner Ecology by Tree Bressen, Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub, Paul DeLapa
  • Cultivating the Neighborhood: What Are the Boundaries of an Intentional Community? by Don Schneider and Elin England
  • Eating Close to Home
  • Community ABCs: Minding The “P”s For Cues by Laird Schaub
  • Culture Change by Laura Berol

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