Communities Magazine #142 (Spring 2009) – Festivals and Gatherings


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Festivals and Gatherings

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  • FESTIVALS AND GATHERINGS ON THE FARM – A long-time events organizer reflects on the rewards, challenges, logistics, and community dynamics involved in hosting gatherings large and small. by Douglas Stevenson
  • Fellowship for Intentional Communities Events by Maiikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • Adventures in Temporary Community: An Interview with Liat Silverman by Kim Scheidt
  • Burning Man: Experiencing the Playa Community by Kayla Wexelberg
  • Comin’ Home to the Rainbow by Scott Shuker
  • NETWORK FOR A NEW CULTURE CAMPS – Participants in NFNC’s Summer Camps explore intimacy, transparency, freedom of choice, personal responsibility, sexuality, and new ways of being, teaching, and learning. by Pati Diehl, Melanie Rios, Michael Rios, and Sarah Taub
  • Sandhill Sorghum Festival by Stan Hildebrand
  • Celebration as a Way of Life by Barbara Swetina
  • Festival of the Babas by Allan Sutherland
  • Cultural Summer in Solheimar, Iceland by Gudmundur Armann Petursson
  • Festivals: Times of High Energy by Barbara Stutzel
  • How Currents Community Got Its Groove Back by Rebecca Dale
  • The Dance of Expansive Community by Paul Freundlich
  • Publisher’s Note: Technology Doesn’t Change Just the Answers – Sometimes It Changes the Questions as Well by Laird Schaub
  • FIC Notes: Getting Involved with the FIC by Harvey Baker
  • Community 101: In Community Intentionally, Part 2 by Geoph Kozeny
  • Cooperative Group Solutions: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Visitors, and Events by Beatrice Briggs, Tree Bressen, Caroline Estes, Laird Schaub
  • Alternative Models: A Virtual Retirement Village: Combining Independent Living with Community by Rudy Yandrick
  • Community Living Worldwide: Death of Two of Australia’s Intentional Community Elders by Bill Metcalf
  • Community Economics – (Re)localization: An Exploration in Local Currencies by Alison Rosenblatt
  • Creating Community Culture – Poetry in Community by Elizabeth Barrette.


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