Communities Magazine #141 (Winter 2008) – Scarcity and Abundance

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Scarcity and Abundance

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  • ALL WE HAVE IS ALL WE NEED – A group of North Americans establishes a community in Costa Rica and learns new lessons about simplicity, wealth, change, growth, balance, and happiness. by Joshua Canter
  • Ecobarrios: A Chilanga’s Dream by Noelle Romero
  • Nashira Eco-Village by Angela Dolmetsch
  • ABUNDANCE AND SCARCITY IN THE GOODENOUGH COMMUNITY – A community confronts economic adversity by remaining constant in relationship, holding financial losses in common, and working together in fundraising, educational programs, and new projects. by Kirsten Rohde
  • Taking the SCARE out of Scarcity by Kiesa Kay
  • As Is: Secrets to Having Enough by Ethan Hughes with Les Stitt and the Possibility Alliance
  • THE RICHNESS OF GIVING – Many traditional cultures around the world have an economy based not on buying and selling, but on giving, which fosters an intricate network of social connections. by Elizabeth Barrette
  • Potlucks: From Scarcity to Abundance by Ken Cameron-Bell
  • FREE TO SERVE: Notes from a Needs-Based Economy – While in similar circumstances to his neighbors from Clan Super Size, our author replaces a desperate sense of scarcity and need for low-cost goods with feelings of hope and abundance. by Chris Foraker
  • From Car and House, to Bicycle and Tent by Mandy Creighton and Ryan Mlynarczyk
  • Ecologically Speaking Communities by Kate Reidel
  • Publisher’s Note: My Journey with Money by Laird Schaub
  • Notes From The Business Manager: A Social Entrepreneur by John Stroup
  • Community 101: In Community, Intentionally, Part 1 by Geoph Kozeny
  • GOOD MEETINGS: BEST MEETINGS – Three group-process experts answer the question: “Please tell us a story of one of the best meetings you ever attended (as participant or facilitator). What was great about it? What do you think made it turn out so well?” by Tree Bressen, Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub
  • Ecovillage Living: Shifting Our Views on Ecovillage Economics by Alison Rosenblatt
  • Community Economics: When Community Land Is Privately Owned by Tree Bressen
  • Sidebar: Common Problems with Private Ownership of “Community” Land by Jan Steinman
  • Politics Revisited: Why America Needs Consensus by Ma’ikwe Ludwig

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