Communities Magazine #140 (Fall 2008) – Politics in Community



Politics in Community

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  • We Refuse to Be Enemies: Community Spirit as an Antidote to Separation by Leila Dregger
  • A World of Possibility: Communities and Global Transformation by Ethan Hughes and Sarah Wilcox-Hughes
  • Living the Wild: Ecological Citizenship and the Audubon Expedition Institute by Arin Trook
  • Email, Politics, and Permaculture by members of the Eugene Permaculture Guild listserv
  • EVERY POLITICIAN SHOULD LIVE IN A COMMUNE – After living in the PRAG House collective for 25 years before running for office, a Seattle City Councilor recommends that anyone entering politics consider experiencing intentional community first. by Nick Licata
  • SEARCHING FOR REPUBLICANS…AND OTHER ELEPHANTS IN THE COMMUNITY LIVING ROOM: A Politics in Community Survey – An informal survey raises several compelling questions: Can communitarians learn to focus on larger-scale politics as much as on internal politics? Should they? What’s proper political etiquette in community? And have you ever met a communitarian who is not left of center? by Chris Roth
  • Politics at Twin Oaks: Distinguishing “Acceptable” from “Combustible” by Valerie Renwick-Porter
  • Pulling Proposals Out of a Hat (or Some Orifice) by Laird Schaub
  • Politics on Open Land by Ramon Sender Barayon
  • Publisher’s Note by Whole Foods: Half a Solution? by Laird Schaub
  • Notes from the New Communities Team by The Butterfly Effect and The Art (Direction) of Circumstance by Chris Roth and Ginny Blades
  • GOOD MEETINGS: BUSINESS AND WELL-BEING by Tree Bressen, Laird Schaub, Beatrice Briggs, Caroline Estes
  • Ecovillage Living by Triumphs and Struggles at Los Angeles Eco-Village by Alison Rosenblatt and Lois Arkin
  • International Ecovillages by Ecovillage Network of Canada by Russ Purvis
  • Worldwide community by SomerVille Ecovillage, Australia by Bill Metcalf
  • Review by Diggers & Dreamers by Toby Champion
  • In Memoriam by Kat Kinkade, 1930-2008 by with contributions from Josie Kinkade, Laird Schaub, Calliope Kurtz, and Kat Kinkade

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