Communities Magazine #139 (Summer 2008) – Green Building


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Green Building

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  • NATURAL BUILDING AND COMMUNITY: Two Ways to Build Connection – The communities movement and the natural building movement share the goal of forming meaningful relationships–with other people and with one’s own home. In fact, natural building practically demands community. by Michael G. Smith
  • A Strawbale Village in Denmark: Building the Three-Legged Stool of Sustainability by Matthieu Lietaert
  • Urban Ecovillages: Micro-Infill Cohousing Without Cars by Mark Lakeman
  • Our Zero-Waste Chicken Camper by Jan Steinman
  • How a Hawai’i Community Rescued a Marimba Studio from the Bulldozer by John Schinnerer
  • Battling the Bureaucracy in Israel Kibbutz Lotan wanted to build “dome-atories” by Michael Livni
  • THE MARRIAGE OF NATURAL BUILDING WITH CONVENTIONAL BUILDING – O.U.R. Ecovillage has audaciously invited inspectors, architects, and regulatory officials to participate in their green building programs for the past eight years. In the process, they have fostered cooperative social connections–and received full approval for an eco-housing cluster. by Brandy Gallagher and Elke Cole
  • SEEKING COMMUNITY: THE QUEST FOR COMMUNITY: A Personal Journey into the Grey Zone – Tree Bressen traces her own path of exploration from commune to collective household, discovering that community isn’t always drawn in black and white. by Tree Bressen
  • Community Where You Are–Cook One Meal, Eat for a Week by Joelle Novey
  • Living in Community by–Week in the Life: Sustainable Living in an Intentional Community by Niann Emerson Chase and Gabriel of Urantia
  • Publisher’s Note–Good to Go: Though the Boat Has a Hole in It, We’re Plenty See-worthy by Laird Sandhill
  • Worldwide Community–New Norcia Community: Australia’s Monastic Town by Bill Metcalf
  • My Turn–Fairies and Chainsaws: Finding Balance in an Ecovillage by Kiesa Kay
  • Cohousing Life–Central Florida: Breaking “Green” Ground by Florida-Central Cohousing
  • Reviews–The Barefoot Architect: A Handbook for Green Building Beyond You and Me: Inspiration and Wisdom for Building Community
  • Last Words–“Patchwork” by Elizabeth Barrette and “Mellow Springs” by Kiesa Kay


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