Thriving in Community

understanding, navigating, and succeeding at the social, emotional, and relational aspects of life in cooperative culture

5-Week Online Course | Starts October 8

Do you want to live in an intentional community? Life in an ecovillage, cohousing, shared house or other coliving situation can be extremely rewarding. And it can also be challenging at times, especially if you don’t know how to navigate cooperative culture. During this 5-week online course, long-time communitarian Lee Warren will guide you through the skills you’ll need so that you can thrive in community.

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If you want to live an intentional community, get ready to learn a new culture — cooperative culture.

Whether living in community or longing for community, negotiating the social, emotional, and relational aspects of collaborative living is complex to master. The intra- and inter- personal realms are a source of great joy and fulfillment, as well as a place of confusion and conflict.

This 5-week online course offers a comprehensive look at how to thrive in cooperative culture using ‘relational resilience’ as a roadmap. Discover the best practices and emerging science behind some of the most important skills for success in the relational realms, the troublespots and pitfalls to avoid, as well as how intentional communities contribute to personal and cultural healing. Participants will have opportunities to set personal goals, build community, and deepen their understanding of conscious relating in all areas of life. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get ready to thrive in community!

Key Course Outcomes

  • Define and set personal goals towards relational resilience 
  • Understand our biology including the brain, the nervous system, regulation, and window of tolerance
  • Discuss the cultural context of patriarchy, colonization, capitalism, and injustice
  • Explore needs that are met or that you hope to meet in community
  • Discover some common hurdles, traps, and challenges in community
  • Contemplate helpful attitudes for community living
  • Contemplate what keeps the community ship afloat
  • Learn how inhabiting the self, knowing the self, and trusting the self are the basics of all experiences in community
  • Discover more about yourself using the enneagram and multiple intelligences models
  • Practice how to communicate the self to others
  • Discuss cultural repair and how community is weaving a new cosmology for a life-giving culture
  • Explore the best of the collective toolkit through NVC and the Zones of Intimacy
  • Define cultural messages regarding intimacy, relating, and sexuality
  • Understand the conscious relating and communities’ healing influence on our sexuality
  • Contemplate best practices regarding positive and responsible sexuality in community 

Meet Your Instructor

Lee Warren

Lee Warren is reclaiming wisdom through conscious relating with self, land, and other. She has 25 years of experience envisioning, designing, and living innovative solutions to mutually empowered relationships, land-based and community living, regenerative systems, interpersonal communication, and sustainability education. She’s been living in rural intentional community since 1995 and at Earthaven Ecovillage since 2000. She is a co-founder, co-owner, and builder of the Village Terraces Cohousing Neighborhood, the co-founder and manager of Imani Farm, and the co-founder of SOIL, School of Integrated Living, whole-life skills for a radically different future. She is the principal and founder of Reclaiming Wisdom and a writer, teacher, and activist, with a passion for embodiment practices, rural wisdom, sustainable economics, conscious dying, and community of all kinds.

The Online Course Experience

Live Interactive Sessions

Each week will feature a 2-hour live class with the course instructor so you can learn in a dynamic setting and get your questions answered directly. Get ready for interactive presentations, group discussion, small cohort activities and personalized support. Plus, each week there will be bonus sessions with guest speakers and panelists.

Journey with a Cohort

Join participants from around the world who are embarking on creating community for better living and more connection. You’ll have opportunities to network with like-minds and develop a network of support to carry your community project forward. Welcome to your global community of communities.

Deep Learning

Participants will have access to a private online space to connect with the instructor and other students through a discussion forum. Each week new learning materials will be uploaded to the space, including videos, worksheets and articles. You’ll be able to watch previously recorded sessions and stay on track with your weekly assignments.

Loved by Community Builders

The online course experience with FIC was life changing for me. I finally got the information about intentional communities that I’d been searching for, plus I met people from around the world who are of like-minds. I feel that much closer to joining or building my dream community!

– Sarah Lynn

I am constantly impressed by the down-to-earth practicality of the FIC sessions combined with the philosophical questions that are so vital for us to explore. I’m grateful for the excellent planning and delivery of the sessions by skilled and inclusive presenters, who create a space that is both welcoming and invites participants to challenge existing ideas and world views. Well done and thank you FIC.

– Claire Ogden

What a beautiful gift to our intentional community builders and leaders! FIC’s programs provide a way for thinking and concerned people to collaborate for solutions to our multitude of global crises. Thank you FIC!

– Terri Garcia

Course Schedule

Live classes for the October course will take place on Fridays, alternating between noon-2pm and 4-6pm Eastern each week.

You will also have access to three live Bonus Sessions on relevant topics with guest speakers and facilitators scheduled at various times throughout the weeks. Please view the calendar below. All classes and Bonus Session recordings are viewable afterwards.

Sample Bonus Session Topics:

  • Authentic Self-Expression as a Foundation for Community
  • How Housing Policies of the Past Impact Diversity in Intentional Communities Today
  • Intro to Sociocracy
  • Virtual Tour of Communities Across the US
  • Safety in Community

Course Registration


Thriving in Community

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You can thrive in an intentional community by learning how to navigate the social, emotional, and relational aspects of life in cooperative culture.

Duration: 5 Weeks (3+ hours/week)

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Need financial support to attend a course?

Apply for a scholarship. Those with low-income and from marginalized groups are encouraged to apply. FIC is committed to ensuring everyone has access to intentional community learning opportunities.