Planned Giving

Bequests support the FIC’s long-term financial health and offer additional funds to further integrate cooperative culture into mainstream society.

They also help meet donor’s financial goals and maximize philanthropic giving.

You may designate assets such as cash, stock, securities, IRA’s and insurance in your will or revocable trust by including a bequest provision that names the FIC as a ‘contingent beneficiary.’ The FIC would receive your gift after your lifetime.


Your bequest to the FIC would help:

  • pay off debt associated with a loan for a building to house our bookstore inventory.
  • build investment funds that will grow into the future.
  • enhance our services to include more one-on-one consulting services to communities and leaders.
  • create an endowment managed by our board of directors and financial consultants.


Benefits to you include:

  • Retaining control of your assets during your lifetime, and you can change your mind if your circumstances change.
  • Likely providing tax savings or help reduce the tax burden for your heirs.
  • Being honored in Communities magazine as someone whose legacy included intentional and cooperative living, inspiring others to include the FIC in their will.
  • When planning out or revising a will, consult with an attorney to better understand options and applicable federal and state laws. We kindly request that you contact us in advance if you have an interest in willing us real estate or other tangible personal property.


If you have questions or would like to speak to us about planned giving, contact our Development Director: [email protected]