Sociocracy Demystified

Creating a Dynamic Governance System for Your Intentional Community

5-Week Online Course | Resuming in 2023

Discover a way to make fast, clear, and inclusive group decisions. Sociocracy has quickly become one of the most popular forms of governance among intentional communities. Any new or established community can benefit from learning the basics of sociocracy, also called Dynamic Governance.

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Don’t let your community flounder in the face of important decisions or endure the agony of messy meetings.

Bring sociocracy to your group. Take this course to ensure you are implementing it correctly, with adaptations for your community’s specific needs.  

Have you struggled through long and unproductive meetings with your intentional community? Heard about sociocracy but unsure how to implement it well? Trying to design something that will work for your unique situation?

During this comprehensive course, your instructors Ted and Jerry will teach you how to use sociocracy to move your community forward.

They’ll cover how to optimize group listening, divide decision-making authority into meaningful chunks, and empower people to act with clarity. Through sociocracy you can design feedback systems so everyone in your community knows what is going on and can be heard on matters that affect them. Far from the intentional community horror stories you may have heard, a sociocratic meeting is manageable and calm. There are opportunities for every person in the room to express their thoughts and be heard.

You will leave this course with…

  • A through understanding of sociocracy so that you can teach it back to your team, community, or committee
  • The steps needed to implement a cohesive governance system and take your community where it wants to go
  • A clear understanding of how to co-create proposals and make consent decisions
  • Meeting format and facilitation techniques to improve your group meetings immensely
  • Ideas for how to share workloads and decentralize power through circles and roles
  • A network of fellow communitarians practicing sociocracy in intentional communities around the world

Meet Your Instructors

Say hello to Ted and Jerry, your guides to all things sociocracy.

They live in a community that’s been using the model since 2012 and have since brought it to dozens of other intentional communities around the world. They’ve also co-authored the essential sociocracy handbooks: Many Voices, One Song and the recently published, Who Decides Who Decides.

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Ted Rau

Ted is an advocate, trainer and consultant for self-governance with Sociocracy. After his PhD in linguistics, he encountered peer-oriented governance systems and became curious about ways of organizing grassroots groups effectively and equitably. He is co-founder and Executive Director of Sociocracy For All, a nonprofit with a mission to equip people with skills and knowledge to self-govern and self-organize.

Ted identifies as a transgender man and has 5 children between the ages of 8 and 18. Born in Germany, he currently lives in Pioneer Valley Cohousing, an intentional community in Massachusetts. He has written many articles and two books: the sociocracy manual Many Voices One Song (with Jerry Koch-Gonzalez) and a how-to-start guide for new groups Who Decides Who Decides.

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Jerry Koch-Gonzalez

At 69 years old, Jerry has lived in community all of his adult life, with the last 27 years in Pioneer Valley cohousing. Inspired by him, his community implemented Dynamic Governance in 2012. He has been committed to nonviolent social change, and has received training in anti-oppression with a focus on classism, Nonviolent Communication/NVC, facilitation, Consensus and Sociocracy.

Previously involved with The Sociocracy Consulting Group, Jerry is currently co-founder of Sociocracy For All, where he works full time. He has shared Sociocracy and NVC with dozens of communities in North America and abroad.

The Online Course Experience

Live Interactive Sessions

Each week will feature a 2-hour live class with the course instructor so you can learn in a dynamic setting and get your questions answered directly. Get ready for interactive presentations, group discussion, small cohort activities and personalized support. Plus, each week there will be bonus sessions with guest speakers and panelists.

Journey with a Cohort

Join participants from around the world who are embarking on creating community for better living and more connection. You’ll have opportunities to network with like-minds and develop a network of support to carry your community project forward. Welcome to your global community of communities.

Deep Learning

Participants will have access to a private online space to connect with the instructor and other students through a discussion forum. Each week new learning materials will be uploaded to the space, including videos, worksheets and articles. You’ll be able to watch previously recorded sessions and stay on track with your weekly assignments.

Course Syllabus

  • Class 1: How to combine the best of small-group decision-making with a sense of the whole
  • Class 2: Group decision-making: Hearing everyone and moving forward
  • Class 3: Practice session and feedback design
  • Class 4: Meetings: Techniques for small and big meetings
  • Class 5: How to get started: Stories and practical tips on how to put the most useful tools in place together

Course Schedules

All classes will be recorded and viewable with other class materials for up to 3 weeks after the last class. Live classes will be hosted via Zoom.
Please click the month below to view the respective class dates and times.

January-February 2022

January-February 2022

  • 1/8/22
  • 1/15/22
  • 1/22/22
  • 1/29/22
  • 2/5/22

All classes are on Saturdays from 11am-1pm Pacific / 12-2pm Mountain / 1-3pm Central / 2-4pm Eastern

June-July 2022

June-July 2022

  • 6/23/22
  • 6/30/22
  • 7/7/22
  • 7/14/22
  • 7/21/22

All classes are on Thursdays from 4-6pm Pacific / 5-7pm Mountain / 6-8pm Central / 7-9pm Eastern


Words cannot express how happy I am to have discovered and participated in FIC’s trainings. The instructors are experts in their fields and really care about your community’s success. I’m looking forward to signing up for many more sessions to come.

Max Thompson

I am constantly impressed by the down-to-earth practicality of the FIC sessions combined with the philosophical questions that are so vital for us to explore. I’m grateful for the excellent planning and delivery of the sessions by skilled and inclusive presenters, who create a space that is both welcoming and invites participants to challenge existing ideas and world views. Well done and thank you FIC.

Claire Ogden

Finding the FIC’s platform is comparable to finding a long lost treasure. Not only is it easy to navigate the resources on their website, the leadership of this initiative is well experienced and very attentive to members and potential future ones. Do not underestimate the extent and quality of the information you’ll acquire from one of the many workshops and resources offered.

— Mary S.

What a beautiful gift to our intentional community builders and leaders! FIC’s programs provide a way for thinking and concerned people to collaborate for solutions to our multitude of global crises. Thank you FIC!

Terri Garcia

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