Healing in Community

Community Life is full of emotional challenges... relationships, conflict, meeting disagreements, day to day "Who left the dishes out" and so much more. We need to come to our community lives (whether we live in community or are just around folks every day), with the tools and resilience that are necessary to stay balanced and grounded.
Join Emotional Resilience Trainer, Aaron Kahlow, to learn how to become emotionally resilient and process somatic energy for healing in community.

Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities August 8, 2024

Thinking about joining an intentional community? Curious to learn about communities from them directly? Want to peek inside community living and get your questions answered? The Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities is the event experience for you!

Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities August

Join "Blueprints for Belonging" to gain the knowledge and connections needed to successfully launch your intentional community.
This event series is crafted for emerging community founders, offering direct access to practical advice and insights from experts in the field. Led by Cynthia Tina, who brings her experience from visiting over 200 communities worldwide, each session features one-to-one interviews with community consultants, founders, and educators.

Want to dive deeper into how to join, start or grow an intentional community?
Join us for an upcoming course!

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