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Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities July 2024

July 11 @ 1:00 PM 2:30 PM CDT

Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities July 2024

Thursday, July 11, 2024

  • Pacific: 11am-12:30pm
  • Mountain: 12-1:30pm
  • Central: 1-2:30pm
  • Eastern: 2- 3:30pm

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Meet a diversity of communities during the Virtual Tour of Communities July 2024. From secular to spiritual, urban and rural, forming and established — get a vibrant taste of the communities movement without leaving your armchair!

About the Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities July 2024

What you get from the Virtual Tour experience:

  • photos, videos, captivating stories and insightful conversations
  • deeper insight into the lives of communitarians and the places they live
  • inspiration to get you excited about your own community journey
  • information about housing and membership opportunities
  • network building with presenters and fellow participants
  • a sense for what’s alive in the communities movement right now
  • plenty of time for you to ask your burning questions about community living.

Presenting Communities:

Twin Oaks Intentional Community

Twin Oaks is an income-sharing community of 100 people living on 485 acres of farm and forestland in Virginia. We were founded in 1967, and our lifestyle reflects our values of egalitarianism, ecology, and nonviolence. We welcome scheduled visitors throughout the year. We are economically self-sufficient.

Members work full-time in our community businesses–making hammocks and chairs, indexing books, and making tofu. These businesses provide about one-third of our work; the rest goes into the tasks needed to support a rural village of 100 people–organic gardening, milking cows, equipment and building maintenance, office work, and more. Our work schedules of 42 hours each week are very flexible. In return for member’s labor, the community provides all basic needs, including housing, food, clothing, etc. Twin Oaks has an intricate community culture.


Acorn Community

Acorn Community Farm is an intentional community located in the rolling farmlands and woods of Central Virginia. We are an egalitarian, income-sharing, secular, anarchist, feminist, and consensus-based commune. The community was founded in 1993 and has since co-owned and -operated a successful bioregional seed cooperative that is the primary source of our shared income. Membership in the community usually fluctuates between twenty and thirty individuals.

Full members of the community receive an equal share in the land and its assets, and in return are expected to work 42-hours per week in the community. This is inclusive of our cooperative, but also includes garden work, domestic work, volunteer work, carpentry and maintenance work, and other diverse labor options.



We are forming an egalitarian and income sharing community in Virginia. We are co-creating a culture of social sustainability and harmony that nourishes us as well as the earth. We focus on re-humanizing the scale of our lives. We do that with slower pace, balance in our lives, deep social connection, natural building, education, creativity, and intuitive structure to our time and space. While we are focused on interpersonal and cultural aspects of our community, we are interested in building small, beautiful, natural housing, doing our best to be ecologically conscious, using new and old technologies, and upholding values of minimalism. We want to continually learn about what works in community and do our best to integrate our lessons into our lifestyle. We are planning educational programs in subjects including experiential natural building workshops, off grid technologies, crafts, and nature awareness. We are working on understanding what makes communities thrive through sociological research.


Who should attend?

You should attend the Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities if you want to:

  • visit an intentional community
  • join an intentional community
  • learn more about intentional community, in general


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Testimonials for Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities

“This is my first exposure to intentional living situations. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the possibilities and the underlying thinking that informs this kind of living choice. The presenters were excellent. It was great to see the different settings and to hear the various questions related to these three living situations. Thank you so much for this presentation.”

-Leslie Slate

“Great introduction to Intentional Communities. I felt very encouraged to do more research. I felt like I entered into a group of family and friends with like values for humanity. It is nice not to feel so alone!”

-Chandra Marin

“Great photos and narratives about the philosophy and diversity of communities. I learned about thinks I didn’t know and was given the opportunity to ask all my questions, which were answered in a comprehensive manner.”

-Ivy Summer


Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities 2024


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