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Workshop — Joining an IC: Resolving Hidden Obstacles to Help You Make the Leap


Joining an IC

Resolving Hidden Obstacles to Help You Make the Leap into Community Living

March 30th | 2-4pm Eastern

Have you always wanted to join an intentional community but something keeps preventing you from making the leap? Join Danielle Williams for a virtual workshop to explore your hidden obstacles and how to overcome them so that you can make a joyful leap into community living. 



You’ve been dreaming of moving to an intentional community, ecovillage, or cohousing of some sort…

And once you do, you’ll finally be able to feel the peace of mind that your lifestyle is congruent with your values, the joy of living next door to friends that share your same concerns and cares for the world, and the sense of purpose that you are contributing to a better way of living on the planet. All that sounds great! 

So…what’s stopping you? Why haven’t you made the leap yet?

Some of the blocks you may be fully aware of, but each of us has upper limits and inner obstacles that are harder to discover, which keep us from making the leap to live the life we really want. Knowing them allows you to move beyond them. During this workshop, you’ll get a chance to explore what’s stopping you – no what’s REALLY stopping you – from taking the leap and moving to the community you’ve been dreaming about. You might be surprised by what you find! You’ll also learn that, once you know what’s really stopping you, you can move beyond the obstacles, making choices and taking actions that are in line with your whole vision.

Key Workshop Outcomes

  • The benefits of living in a cohousing project, ecovillage, or community
  • The challenges of living in community and when to know if it is worth it
  • YOUR “hidden obstacles” to moving your dream of community living forward
  • How to integrate the wisdom of these obstacles and move beyond them
  • Tips for successfully moving into your ideal community

Meet Your Facilitator

Danielle Williams, Presenter

Danielle Williams

Danielle moved to Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in 2012 after living and tasting the flavors at multiple other intentional communities in different countries. In 2016 she became the Executive Director for the nonprofit there, which shares Dancing Rabbit’s unique flavor of hope and sustainable living inspiration with the world.  She delights in living in a 213 sq ft naturally built round house called the Hermitage. She originally hails from the state of Colorado, and her skills are as diverse and varied as the places she’s lived since then (hypnotherapy, breathwork, facilitation, marketing, spreadsheets). Here degree in Peace & Global Studies informs her vision of how ecovillages are part of a global movement towards curing the social pandemic of loneliness and meaninglessness, and creating a better world for everyone. She passionately cultivates the world she wants to pass on to future generations, and living in community (amidst all of the highs & lows) is an integral part of that cultivation.

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Loved by Community Builders

What a beautiful gift to our intentional community builders and leaders! FIC’s programs provide a way for thinking and concerned people to collaborate for solutions to our multitude of global crises. Thank you FIC!

Terri Garcia

I am constantly impressed by the down-to-earth practicality of the FIC workshops combined with the philosophical questions that are so vital for us to explore. I’m grateful for the excellent planning and delivery of the workshops by skilled and inclusive presenters, who create a space that is both welcoming and invites participants to challenge existing ideas and world views. Well done and thank you FIC.

Claire Ogden

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