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Arcosanti Convergence 3

October 11 - October 13, Arcosanti  $99 Event Website

Convergence has the best parts a festival and conference. The event supports movement and thought, solo and group activities, in an atmosphere feels like retreat for your mind/body/spirit. Our friendly, and passionate attendees explore meaningful social and environmental discourse while providing a platform for co-creativity, music, and art.

At the core of the Convergence is a mission to build community in the southwest and beyond. We think globally and act locally to make our world more equitable and enchanted. We endeavor to be result-centric as we build infrastructure, ideas, and relationships that can make a regenerative, co-creative future.

Convergence has dozens of keynotes, break out sessions, music performances, small-scale building projects, artistic collaborations, local cuisines, film screenings and more! We partner with leading organizations in urban design, permaculture, arts & culture, sustainability, economics, and environmental and social activism!

For the past 50 years, Arcosanti has been a home and hub of countercultural ideas. Come enjoy the one-of-a-kind location and 800+ acres of wild-flower strewn high-desert and vibrant river ecology.


October 11
October 13

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