Consider placing a banner ad on! See the information below and don’t hesitate to contact Jensigne at with any questions.

Benefits of placing an image-based banner ad:

  • Enjoy the highest visibility of any of our ads options.
  • Receive over 300,000 pageviews and 100-300 clicks each month.
  • Appear in the right hand sidebar of most of our web pages including on:
    • Main Classifieds and every Ad  (70-100)
    • Blog and Articles (~1500)
    • Community Directory and Individual Community Listings  (~1200)
    • Bookstore, Resources and all Events 
  • Get randomly shuffled. Everyone gets to be on top!
  • Link directly to a webpage of your choice (including a FIC Classified Ad if you don’t have a destination page of your own).

These ads have been extremely successful for:

  • Land and Homes for Sale
  • Communities
    • Seeking New Members
    • New and/or Under Construction
  • Professional Services
  • Like-minded Organizations
  • Campaigns
  • Book Launches

Pricing – discount offered for multiple months:

  • 1 mo $200
  • 3 mo $480 (20%)
  • 6 mo $840 (30%)
  • 12 mo $1440 (40%)

When ready…. 

Provide Jensigne ( with a 270 x 90 pixels graphic, a weblink and duration time. If you need help creating a graphic, let her know, and she can help.  She will publish the ad and send an invoice which you will pay electronically. If interested and prior to renewal, she can provide performance metrics.