Collecting Ourselves: A Cooperative Entrepreneurship Curriculum (Ebook)


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Collecting Ourselves’ is comprised of 9 full workshops encompassing up to 16 hours of cooperative entrepreneurship training.

This curriculum can serve as content for a semester class in university, be used in regular community study groups, or be fodder for a retreat-style academy. It was developed for youth (teens to 30s), but is modular and adaptable for most age groups (as well as for identities, experiences, etc).

‘Collecting Ourselves – A Cooperative Entrepreneurship Curriculum’ walks participants through:

  • an examination of the philosophy and practice of cooperation
  • the meaning of “development” and “entrepreneurship” in their lives
  • the steps required in starting a project in cooperative entrepreneurship
  • an exploration of two of the most important steps – organizing people into a Steering Committee, and creating a Business Plan.


Authored by Emily M Lippold Cheney, as part of the Kris Olsen Traveling Cooperative Institute (TCI) and as part of the Northcountry Cooperative Foundation‘s suite of programming. See what they are up to here.

See also the Cooperative Housing Toolbox and Cooperative Housing Development Toolbox.




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