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Communities Magazine #181 (Winter 2018) – The Culture of Intentional Community

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The Culture of Intentional Community

How does living in intentional community shape our daily experience? What distinguishes a culture which emphasizes “community” from one that does not? What skills and awareness do we need to co-create a resilient collaborative culture? How can lessons and wisdom from intentional communities benefit the world at large? What can we learn from organically-emerging “unintentional” communities?

In Communities’ Winter 2018 issue, “The Culture of Intentional Community,” authors explore all these questions and more, sharing insights they’ve gained from their own wide-ranging experiences.

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Articles in “The Culture of Intentional Community”

  • Introducing This Issue: A Culture of Cooperation by Marty Klaif
  • Notes from the Editor: Slices of Life in Community by Chris Roth
  • Changing Skies by Karen Gimnig
  • Cat Karma by Troy Matthews
  • Reflections from a Communitarian Entrepreneur by Larry Stopper
  • A Day in the Life by Marty Klaif
  • An Evolution in Community by Chris Roth
  • Mind the Gap: How the Cultural Difference between Incoming Residents and the Community Can Indicate Whether They Will Stay by Colin Doyle
  • Planted in Good Soil: Cultural Roots and Community by Julian Washio-Collette
  • The Shaker “Culture of Cleanliness” by Susan M. Matarese
  • About That Clothesline… by Josina Guess
  • My Unintentional Community by Sheryl Grassie
  • Bringing a Little Fairy Dust to Corporate America by Allie Stafford
  • Musings on the Culture of Connection by Joan McVilly
  • Skill Building for a Culture of Collaboration by Joe Cole
  • Narcissism, Dependence, and Culture Change by Yana Ludwig
  • Building a Culture of Care at Black Bulga by Geoff Evans
  • Climate Change Activists’ Community by Camille Bru
  • Adventures in Remote Simplicity: Four Distinct Community Styles by Philip Mirkin
  • Many Shades of Green: Establishing a Culture of Sustainability in a Diverse, by Developer-driven Expatriate Community Nermin Dessouky, Angela Sanguinetti, Alan Meier, Sarah Outcault, and Richard Tutwiler
  • Turning It Around: Culture, Compassionate Inquiry, and Transformation in a Community by Michael Johnson
  • Growing at Ganas by Jessica Curtis
  • The False Dichotomy of Urban Life versus Community Life: Small Community Culture within Big City Culture by Leon Tsao
  • Life’s Little Victories: Twin Oaks Version by Valerie Renwick

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