Communities Magazine #169 (Winter 2015) – The Many Faces of Community

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The Many Faces of Community

Community can take many forms other than “intentional.” In our Winter issue, veterans of the High Wind Association network and others share their experiences exploring and cultivating community both within and outside of intentional community settings—from refugee camps and inner city schools to small towns and rural ecovillages. Local food, space colonization, compassionate communication, and a host of other topics find their way into these pages as well. Please join us!

Articles in “The Many Faces of Community”

  • Publisher’s Note—An Evolving Movement by Sky Blue
  • Notes from the Editor—Many Faces by Chris Roth
  • Faces of Community by Michael Wherley
    A photographer captures some of the many forms community takes among people around the world.
  • Finding Community Outside of “Community” by Sam Makita
    Myriad groups and connections on “the outside” don’t call themselves intentional— but sometimes are.
  • Offerings to the Land by Mary Murphy
    Befriend the land where you are, and you will never be lonely.
  • Three Kinds of Community—Three Kinds of Experience and Learning by Belden Paulson
    Whether with refugees, in the inner city, or in intentional groups, community holds life-long lessons.
  • Getting to Community and Life after Community: Collectivism vs. Individuality by Lisa Paulson
    Togetherness and solitude, action and reflection—our lives give us times for each.
  • The Unexpected Journey by Elizabeth Matson
    A three-month living/learning seminar in alternative communities still resonates three decades later.
  • Gifts, Skills, and Passions: A Community Organizer Looks at Community by Janice Christensen
    From “Technicolor Amish” to anarchists, healers to activists, experiences in community-building yield abundant lessons.
  • Community: Innovation and Shifting Mindsets by Jewell Riano-Bradley
    Running an alternative school in the inner city brings challenge and growth.
  • Space, Mk 3 Mod 3 by David Lagerman
    An email from a space colony helps Professor Oscar Lebeck see life on Earth more clearly.
  • Evidence and Beliefs: Lessons from Oberlin by Carl N. McDaniel
    A town’s clash of views on the veracity of climate science stems from deep-seated human tendencies.
  • Intentional Communities: Something Old, Something New by Maureen Gallagher
    Five key characteristics help both religious and nonreligious intentional communities to endure.
  • The Urge to Connect by Rachael Love Cohen
    For a stay-at-home mom, the yearning for larger, authentic community is palpable.
  • The Long Trail Home: Discovering My Own Community by Clistine Morningstar
    An octogenarian reflects on the life experiences that led her to community and have kept her there for two decades.
  • Moving ahead at the Hermitage by Johannes Zinzendorf
    Perspective gained from time away, combined with renewed interest from others, revitalizes the Hermitage
  • What I Miss about Findhorn by Graham Meltzer
    People, place, and culture create deep ties of affection.
  • How Sharing Food Builds Community in Silicon Valley by Peter Ruddock
    Local food events and projects cross-pollinate and multiply, becoming their own self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • How to Live Together in Harmony by Cedar Rose Selenite
  • Sociocracy, Feelings, and Emotions by Jock Millenson
  • The Six Steps of Proposal-Forming in Sociocracy by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Integrative Conversation: Arriving On Earth by Michael Bridge

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