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Communities Magazine #164 (Fall 2014) – Community Conversations

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Community Conversations

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  • Publisher’s Note: Enhancing Community Where You Are by Laird Schaub
  • Stephen Gaskin Dies at 79 by Laird Schaub
  • Notes from the Editor: Talking about Community by Chris Roth
  • Deepening Community: The joy of togetherness by Paul Born
    Community grows when we make time to share our stories, enjoy one another, take care of one another, and work on building a better world together.
  • Creating a Movement by Rachel Brnjas
    Seeking Community and other initiatives of the Tamarack Institute aim to catalyze a community revitalization movement.
  • Community Conversations Campaign: Final Thoughts and Next Steps by Derek Alton
    In an age when prioritizing community is itself radical, self-awareness, self-care, and storytelling are essential to deepening our connections.
  • A Community Conversation at Whole Village by Sylvia Cheuy
    For intentional community members, community comes with added benefits, unique challenges, and a call to authenticity.
  • The Community We Built by Carly Fraser
    Residents of Guelph, Ontario, build community with intention in an existing suburban neighborhood.
  • Village Conversations: Delburne’s Story by Nora Smith and Karen Fegan
    Nearly half of a Canadian town’s residents, from “all sides of the street,” participate in its Community Conversations initiative.
  • Sharing Stories and Rituals by SILC Guelph
    By sitting down to talk, a forming intentional community reconnects with its reasons for coming together..
  • Kawsmos: The Unintentional Community by Mary Wharff, Elizabeth Schultz, and Deborah Altus
    After 11 years of gathering, a group of Kaw Valley’s cosmic explorers realizes that community has happened to them.
  • Love and Bucket Brigades, Interdependence and Evolution: A Community Conversation at Lampa Mountain Community by Sara Donna
    A small communal family discusses how they got good at cooperating, and other essentials of collective life.
  • A Welcome Intimacy, or Too Little Privacy?: Community Conversations at Lost Valley by Macy Osborne
    Is community living the best thing since sliced bread, or the worst thing since sliced bread? It depends who—and when—you ask.
  • Meta-Conversation: an Exercise in Whimsical and Critical Facilitation by Melanie Meltzer and Mollie Nisen
    When they crave an especially deep or challenging discussion, Gesundheit!’s meta-conversers excuse themselves (from the mundane)—then stir the collective pot, lie down, or go for a walk.
  • Conversations, Continuity, and Community by Paul Freundlich
    Dancers learn to embrace change, cooperation, and the physical component of communication.
  • Conversations Take Wing: The RareBirds Housing Cooperative Story by Mary Jordan
    Friends explore their visions and shared purpose, and an intentional community is born.
  • From Conversation to Community: How a Bunch of Mates Bought Some Land Together by John Hepburn
    “Wouldn’t it be great to buy a block of land together in the bush?” Dinner party conversations yield unexpected fruit.
  • On the Ropes at Harbourside Cohousing by Margaret Critchlow
    When creating community becomes a literal tightrope walk, how do the actively aging fare?
  • Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing Hard at Work “Building Community, One Conversation at a Time” by Cindy Nickles
    Members of a forming community learn about empathy, understanding, conflict-handling, and other elements of healthy communication.
  • Jewish Intentional Community Building in the US by Rachael Cohen
  • Agriculture, Wild Foods, and the Future: a story about how changing community changed my perspective by Wren Vile
  • It Is My Turn by Marianne Gueymard
  • Koh Panyee: A Thriving Community, Defying the Odds by Peter McGugan
  • The Investment’s Fine—Join the Pool! by Richard Grossman
  • Radical Governance Changes in Two North American Ecovillages by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Creating Cooperative Culture—Seeing the Good in the World, Part II: Transformative Learning Experiences at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage by Morgan Middlebrooks and Joshua Lockyer

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