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Communities Magazine #162 (Spring 2014) – Gender Issues

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Gender Issues in Community

  • Publisher’s Note: Gender Dynamics in Cooperative Groups by Laird Schaub
  • Notes from the Editor: Gender: Is There a “There” There? by Chris Roth
    The intensity of community living can bring issues of gender, sexual identity, and gender relationships to the fore as nothing else does.
  • On This Episode of “Girls with Tools”… by Cole Wardell
    At The Midden, members confront the effects of patriarchy not only in their outside activism, but also within their community.
  • Particulate Matter by Molly Shea
    Unconscious gender-related expectations, inequities, and trauma can exert pervasive influence even in groups committed to undoing them.
  • Sexism at Dancing Rabbit by Sam Makita
    At a community founded in feminism, a member suggests that strategies like corrective discrimination, single-gender gatherings, and prioritizing “gender balance” may themselves be sexist.
  • Who Builds the Houses? Gender in Eco-Communities by Jenny Pickerill
    A researcher finds that men still dominate building in eco-communities, and offers strategies to empower women.
  • Gender-Bending on the Commune by Valerie Renwick
    When a Twin Oaks member leads a tour, “co” must “address the dress” (when appropriate) and wear a shirt, whether or not participating in the collective menstrual calendar.
  • Feminism vs. Spaghetti Pits by Kathryn Simmons
    Trichomycosis axillaris can be the pits, causing even die-hard feminists to shave.
  • Evolving Gender Consciousness in New Culture Camps by Oblio Stroyman
    A genderqueer member helps a community move beyond its past assumptions by offering workshops on exploring and expanding concepts of sex and gender identity.
    Gender at Summer Camp East by Michael Rios
  • Genderqueer Geeks Discover Hivemind in Community by Esty Thomas
    In this interest-based intentional community, it’s easy to forget that not everyone is queer and geeky.
  • Gender: The Infinite Ocean by Innis Sampson
    When gender is self-created, self-defined, and self-sustained, people, as well as community, flourish.
  • Feminist Spirituality and Gender: Lessons from Beyond Women-Only Space by Mary Murphy
    Does the culture of women-only space still serve a worthwhile purpose, or does it perpetuate division? A long-time leader of women’s circles advocates inclusivity.
  • Teaching Feminism by Example by Kim Scheidt
    Community presents many opportunities for working to dismantle sexism—through action, not just through speech.
  • My Gender Journey, in Family and Community by Luke Byrnes
    Raised in a homophobic family, a new communitarian finally finds a safe space to explore gender and sexuality, even as his community works to overcome gendered biases.
  • Healing Gender Issues through Community by Marcus DeGauche
    Long-dormant childhood gender issues resurface in an intimate relationship in community—and this time avoidance and escape aren’t options.
  • Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: Sharing a Heartfelt Conversation by Niánn Emerson Chase
    An Apache childhood lays the groundwork for a lifelong dedication to cultivating self-esteem and personal wholeness in community.
  • Margaret and Me: The Iron Lady Becomes an Unexpected Ally by Andrew Moore
    A squatters’ housing cooperative activist describes how Margaret Thatcher broke with her image to support an early “occupy” movement.
  • Opportunity Village Eugene: Pioneering New Solutions for the (Formerly) Homeless by Alex Daniell
    An innovative self-governing village lifts spirits while modeling new ways to address homelessness.
  • Community Living Worldwide: Energising Community Spirit: Australian Intentional Communities Conference, 2013 by Bill Metcalf
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: Honoring Ira Wallace by Laird Schaub

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