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Communities Magazine #161 (Winter 2013) – Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy

  • Community Makes Renewable Energy Work by Alexis Zeigler – Living Energy Farm embodies the promise of renewable energy used cooperatively.
  • Putting Our Lives On The Line by Josina Guess – Jubilee Partners’ clothesline does more than dry clothes with solar power; it helps build community.
  • Climate Changes: Turn to Face the Strange by Christopher Kindig – Intentional communities are in a unique position to respond to climate change.
  • Sustainability Is A Life Style Not A Solar Panel by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez – A 13-year-old indigenous environmental activist asks us to walk lightly and respect the Earth.
  • Confessions Of A Fallen Eco-Warrior by Chris Roth – A communitarian stops counting nanowatts, and starts counting blessings.
  • Strangely Warmed: A Homeowner’s Adventure with Geothermal Energy by Nancy Roth – Home-scale geothermal in appropriate conditions promotes both community and energy savings.
  • Greasing The Wheels by Christopher Kindig
  • The Trust Campaign by Xiuhtezcatl Martinez
  • Power To The People: T’Sou-ke Nation’s Community Energy Solutions by Andrew Moore – In British Columbia, a band of native people becomes one of Canada’s most solar-intensive communities.
  • Generating Your Own Electricity: Why and How by Mary Wildfire – Every community can benefit from producing renewable power.
  • GOING FOR THE GRID: A Community Ditches Energy Independence to Get Greener by Sarah Stoner – After three decades off-grid in Washington state, Walker Creek members decide on-grid living is more sustainable.
  • Burlington Cohousing’s Excellent Solar Adventures by Don Schramm – When community members want to place “private” panels on “public” roofs, don’t expect clear sailing.
  • Establishing And Incorporating Renewable Energy Technologies In Camphill Communities: A Personal Journey by Martin Sturm – Introducing renewable power can require not only technical expertise, but group dynamics skills.
  • Energy Efficient Heating, Renewable Electricity, And Community Renaissance At ZEGG by Achim Ecker – A German ecovillage derives new energy from a solar-assisted biogas plant, photovoltaic panels, and holacracy.
  • Geothermal Greenwashing And Injustice In Hawaii by Amara Karuna – La’akea grapples with the threat of corporate-sponsored geothermal electricity generation on a volcanic island.
  • Energy Efficiency In Cohousing by Chuck Durrett – Sustainability is embedded in community—even without a minus-$88-per-year electric bill.
  • The Sun Touches Heartwood by Richard Grossman – A Colorado cohousing group learns and grows along with its renewable energy systems.
  • The Personal And The Planetary: Spiritual and Planetary Renewal at Lama Foundation by Scott Shuker – In northern New Mexico, active and passive solar meet almost all of a community’s energy needs.
  • Publisher’s Note: Unpacking The Dynamics Of A Packed Car by Laird Schaub
  • Land Management And Lifesharing At Innisfree Village by Rhonda Miska
  • Community Living Worldwide: Narara Ecovillage, Australia by Bill Metcalf
  • Self-Governance With Circles And Double Links: How Sociocracy Can Help Communities, Part II by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: Renewing The Human Spirit: Igniting the Spark and Maintaining the Flame by Christina Heller

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