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Communities Magazine #159 (Summer 2013) – Community Wisdom for Everyday Life

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Community Wisdom for Everyday Life

  •     Publisher’s Note: Crossing the Red Sea by Laird Schaub
  •     Notes from the Editor: Community Wisdom for Everyday Life by Chris Roth
  •     Wisdom from Within, Wisdom from Without by Karin Iona Sundberg
  •     Seeking Community: A Conversation to Shape Our Future by Paul Born
  •     Being Human by Joyce Hollyday
  •     Losing Community, Finding Community: Will Winterfeld’s Story by Paul Born
  •     Expressing Gratitude in Community by Devon Bonady
  •     Fostering Vulnerability by Eli Winterfeldve
  •     Bringing Home Lessons from Community Living by Melanie Rios
  •     New Culture Perspectives for Everyday Life by Sarah Taub with Michael Rios
  •     Sharing Community Wisdom by Dianne G. Brause
  •     The Values of Shared Ownership by Tim Miller
  •     Yes, Wealthy People Want to Live in Community in Sustainable Ways Too! by Jennifer Ladd
  •     Cultivating the Neighbourhood by Nina Bailey-Dick
  •     The Veterans Writing Group and the Military Community by Shepherd Bliss
  •     Humaneitarians Unite by Caroline Abels
  •     Eat Like You Give a Damn: A Shibboleth from Seattle by Laird Schaub
  •     “Dreeeeeem On!”: The Re-Education of a Nonprofit Seeking to Build Community by Danielle Phoenix
  •     Jump on the Wisdom Train by Colin Doyle
  •     Mount Madonna’s Wisdom for Everyday Life by Ward Mailliard with Avi Kruley, Brajesh Friedberg, Dayanand Diffenbaugh, Iris Kachuck, Ratna Jenna Sturz, Savita Kay Brownfield, and Stephanie Conway
  •     Community Archiving: Denison University Homestead by Joshua Finnell
  •     Picking Fights for Peace by Janna Payne
  •     Saying Goodbye to Consensus-with-Unanimity in European Communities; Busting the Myth that Consensus-with-Unanimity Is Good for Communities, Part IV by Diana Leafe Christian
  •     Review—The Intentional Christian Community Handbook by Nancy Roth
  •     Review—The Encyclopedic Guide to American Intentional Communities by Chris Roth
  •     Review—The Rhythm of Rutledge by Chris Roth
  •     Creating Cooperative Culture: Finding Community, Producing Durability—Learning from the rhythms of Rutledge by the Last Volunteer


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