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Communities Magazine #158 (Spring 2013) – Affordability and Self-Reliance

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Affordability And Self-Reliance

  • Publisher’s Note: The Dryer, the Chain Saw, and the Laptop by Laird Schaub
  • Notes from the Editor: NOTES FROM THE EDITOR: AFFORDING COMMUNITIES – Together—but only together—we can afford to keep publishing Communities. by Chris Roth
  • SELF-RELIANCE, RIGHT LIVELIHOOD, AND ECONOMIC “REALITIES”: Finding Peace in Compromise – Life in a small rural ecovillage can mean embracing complex choices while balancing idealism with necessity. by Abeja Hummel
  • Communities, Political Empowerment, and Collective Self-Sufficiency by Mary Wildfire
  • Affordability: Angst and Angels by Kim Goodwin
  • CREATING A COMMUNITY OF HOMESTEADERS – A land trust with leaseholds keeps members’ costs down while allowing a combination of autonomy and connection. by Kim Scheidt
  • LESSONS FROM A CHILDHOOD IN MAINE – In rural Maine in the ’70s, community was everyday reality, and everyone needed help sometimes. by Sarah Fanslau (née Hewes)
  • Affordability at Sunrise Ranch by Gary Goodhue
  • Money and Sustainability at Green Valley Village by Fen Liano
  • Self-Reliance In and Out of Community by Janel Healy
  • AFFORDABILITY: WHAT IT’S GOOD FOR – At Acorn, as in the larger world, the most important thing to be able to afford may be giving something away. by Irena Hollowell
  • ACHIEVING AFFORDABILITY WITH COHOUSING – Cohousing is intrinsically an affordable model; here’s why and how. by Joanna Winter and Charles Durrett
  • Making Cohousing Affordable: Strategies and Successes by Betsy Morris
  • Affordability Strategies and Contrasts by Oz Ragland and Wendy Willbanks Wiesner
  • Maintaining Affordability and Sustainability: Saving for the Future by Sharon Villines
  • Making It Naturally Affordable: O.U.R. Ecovillage Breaks Regulatory Ground by Brandy Gallagher
  • Canadian Ecovillages: Perspectives on Affordability by Russ Purvis
  • Working for Spring Time by Capra Carruba
  • AFFORDABILITY: ANGST AND ANGELS – Kara Huntermoon of Heart-Culture Farm shares her community’s affordability strategies. by Paul Freundlich
  • MAKING LYMEADE: Turning Mid-Life Crisis into Opportunity – Chronic illness presents challenges but also gifts of insight to a long-time communitarian. by Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • Consensus and the Burden of Added Process: Are There Easier Ways to Make Decisions?–Busting the Myth That Consensus-with-Unanimity Is Good for Communities, Part III by Diana Leafe Christian
  • With Arms Spread Wide with Love by Arjuna da Silva
  • WOMEN IN COMMUNITY: AN INTERVIEW WITH IRA WALLACE – A community pioneer and activist shares her stories. by Lee Walker Warren


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